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Baseball Equipment

Cheap youth football cleats mercurialx turf without the proper baseball equipment it’s next to impossible to play your own version of America’s pastime. In other sports such as basketball and soccer, recreational players have a much easier time forming games of their own. All that’s needed is a basketball and a 10foothigh hoop along with a soccer ball and a makeshift goal, respectively.

In “pickup” basketball or even games of “one on one, anywhere from two to 10 players are all that’s needed to complement the aforementioned gear. With baseball, two full squads of nine are pretty much required for any sort of competitive game. Sure, games mercurialx turf provided they don’t blow away. Additionally, you’ll need 18 glovesone for each playerincluding at least two catcher’s mitts. This includes a catcher’s mask, a chest plate, shin guards, knee savers, an athletic “cup, and perhaps a shoe guard. The only time catchers may agree to forgo these precautions is if and when your group opts to play whiffle ball. Catchers who pass up protective gear in softball do so at their own peril.

For games of fastpitch baseball and softball, batting helmets are a must. Even in little league, pitchers can muscle the ball up into the 80s (MPH). An indirect or, heaven forbid, a direct hit can cause serious injury or, in some rare cases, death. Of all your baseball equipment, batting helmets most qualify as “musts, Fungo bats (for batting practice), pine tar, rosin bags, cleats, and bat “donuts” are all great to have around as extras, but none of them will protect you the way a batting helmet will.

Variations in

Needless to say, the baseball equipment used in the “bigs” conforms to different standards than little league or rec baseball equipment. The biggest difference is that pro players must do without aluminum bats, mercurialx turf which add tremendous clout to the batter’s swing. In cheap youth football cleats the lower ranks, all the way up to college, surprisingly, aluminum bats are still permitted. The problem is, players who get too used to them must eventually learn to give them up if and mercurialx turf when they reach the majors.

Lengthtoweight ratios for bats also arise in any discussion of baseball equipment. Throughout the high school and college ranks, a bat with a 3 rating is the maximum allowed. This means a given bat may only be three inches longer than it is ounces heavy. Hence, a 34inch cheap youth football cleats bat that weighs 30 ounces would be off limits at this level, even if it qualifies for use in little leagues mercurialx turf cheap youth football cleats.

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Auto Loans For People With Poor Credit Are Offered In Grandview

New adidas x 2018 nike mercurial vapor for sale do you have to purchase a vehicle today and asking yourself if you are going to qualify for a new adidas x 2018 financial loan? Is your credit lower than it should be simply because you’ve missed some payments and haven’t been able to catch up yet? If this represents you than you have to know that auto loans for people with poor credit are available.

Here are some new adidas x 2018 things which will assist you to get an auto loan with poor nike mercurial vapor for sale credit. The first thing you will need to do is gross $2,000 a month to be considered for many loans. If you don’t, then there you will probably need to get a cosigner to assist you with getting the loan. In the event you do make $2,000 per month, you then do become eligible to apply for this type of loan.

You will have to discover a nearby dealership that provides these kind of loans. You can either call around to the different local dealerships and ask if they have a Second Chance Finance department or talk with your friends to determine if they’ve recently bought an automobile and where they purchased it at. Hopefully they had a great experience and you can call that location to determine if they have the kind of automobile you’re looking for. Recognize that most times obtaining this type of vehicle loan is likely to require that you get a specific automobile since the loan establishments have specific vehicles they will loan cash for so it is best nike mercurial vapor for sale to ask the salesman what your options are to simplify that procedure.

Immediately after finding the car dealership you want to do business with with to get your auto loans for people with poor credit, make sure the person you’re working with has several years of experience simply because the lending establishments are pretty strict in their guidelines so getting this type of financial loan could be tough so it’s very best if the salesman has many alternative lending establishments he can operate with. nike mercurial vapor for sale Based in your circumstances, they’ll know which financial institution to reach out in order to get your loan approved. Recognize that every time they speak with a different loan company,that your credit report gets looked at so doing this too many times with out getting a loan hurts your possibilities of obtaining a vehicle.

After making a decision on the dealer and making sure the salesperson has the knowhow and experience to help you, make certain the dealership provides a bumper to bumper guarantee on your automobile. Most newer cars have a 100,000 mile warranty but if it does not, then you should be able to obtain a 12 month bumper to bumper warranty for close to $400. If the car lot wants to charge thousands of dollars for the warranty, let them know that you know they cost around $400 and you are going to walk from the purchase if they do not offer this to you nike mercurial vapor for sale.

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bios not showing up

Adidas boots football, Re:

Does your operating system startup and you just can’t see the sys. post, or does nothing happen but adidas boots football for some fans to spin and the comp. to sound like its working, best adidas football boots 2018 Ya say everything is running.

Well to get to the BIOS “Basic Input Output System” you must hit the Delete key to enter setup, or like the previous poster said you may have to hit F1 instead, If the sys. is posting correctly it will tell you what key to press to enter your bios setup. As long as you have not. allready been in your bios setup and incorrectly set an option which may cause your sys. not to post. Then ya gotta reset the bios ect ect. by jumpering it.

You need to give a better description of the problem for a better answer., Re:Hey, Mark was kind enough to post this question for me until I could get an account up and running. The problem I’ve been having is that, at startup, my computer will show the info on the video card (as it should), then it will go to the page with the mobo’s logo and text at the bottom of the adidas boots football screen reading “hit tab to show post or delete to enter setup, I manage to get to the post screen (which reveals info on my cpu and ram), but nothing happens when I hit delete. The two screens just keep looping as if the computer keeps restarting at the end of the process. I just put the computer together, so I didn’t mess up flashing the bios or something with the os. Nor have I even gotten into the bios in the first place. The only things connected best adidas football boots 2018 to the mobo are the cpu, the graphics card, the SATA cord from my hard drive, the ide cable with my cd drive on it, and the power/power led cords. I did have front panel usb connectors hooked up too, but i removed them just in case. I’ve tried clearing the cmos chip with the jumpers and made sure bios tbl was enabled (it’s default on my mobo). Finally, the mobo adidas boots football is a Foxconn 915A01P8EKRS2, if that helps. I’d appreciate any help on the matter, and thanks to Mark for posting this in the first place for me.

, Re:

Thy holding down the delet key as you power up and keep holding it and see it that enters the bios. If that does not work I would download the lates bios flash and try flashing it. I think there is a jumper on the motherboard called TBL that allows you to boot even if the bios is damaged and also I think recovers a bad flash adidas boots football best adidas football boots 2018.

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Bilingual Children are Better at Switching Between Tasks

Nike football boots no studs nike tiempo legend for sale time to add another reason why raising a bilingual child is beneficial: Science Daily reports a Canadian study found that bilingual children switch tasks faster than children who speak only one language.

Plus: Teaching Your Baby to be BilingualThe study asked 104 children, nike football boots no studs varying from Englishspeaking monolinguals to those of ChineseEnglish bilinguals, FrenchEnglish bilinguals, and SpanishEnglish bilinguals to respond to images of animal or colors on computers. The children had the same rate of response when dealing with one category at a time, but when the categories switched back and forth, bilingual children were the quicker responders. nike tiempo legend for sale Bilinguals have two sets of language rules in mind, and their brains apparently are wired to toggle back and forth between them depending on the circumstances,

Plus: Teach Your Baby nike tiempo legend for sale Sign LanguageAlthough the study concluded bilinguals have an advantage nike tiempo legend for sale when it comes to multitasking, it also found that bilinguals are slower to acquire vocabulary than monolinguals because bilinguals are constantly switching between languages nike tiempo legend for sale nike football boots no studs.

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Aussie Sim begins another comeback

Nike shoes tiempo it wasn’t that long ago that Michael Sim was Australia’s hottest golfing prospect.

He’d overcome a stress fracture in his spine to be named Nationwide Tour Player of the Year nike shoes tiempo following his recordsetting 2009 season in which nike shoes tiempo he won three times from his first 12 starts.

He broke the Tour’s singleseason money record finishing second in both total driving and driving accuracy, third in birdies averaged and sixth in greens in regulation.

He was on his way to the top.

Or so it seemed.

His numbers have gone down hill substantially since then and on Thursday Sim starts another comeback in the New Zealand PGA Championship at The Hills in Queenstown with a far different golfing design nike football boots resume than his remarkable 2009 Nationwide Tour report card.

Sim’s name hasn’t been sighted on golfing leader boards for a few years.

‘I have had a few lingering things but I just haven’t been playing. I didn’t really play that well last year and didn’t get into many events,’ said the 28 yearold.

‘I tried to find some new coaching and just tried to search design nike football boots a little too much but as of right now I have just been doing my own stuff, nike shoes tiempo it’s been going well.

Michael Hendry will defend his title in Queenstown but much of the attention has been stolen by compatriot Lydia Ko the world’s top female amateur golfer.

After last year becoming the youngest winner on the LPGA, 15yearold Ko has this year already taken out the New Zealand Women’s Open and finished third in the Australian Women’s Open nike shoes tiempo.

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BMW X4 shapes up

Stud shoes for football price nike youth superfly small but packed with style that’s the new baby brother to the X6, which these official sketches show is on the way. We nike youth superfly stumbled across drawings of an ‘X4′ buried within the press material at the launch of the new X3.

Rumours of an aggressive SUV coup based on the X3 have been circulating nike youth superfly for some time, but these images give the clearest idea yet of how BMW’s threedoor rival to the Range Rover Evoque will look. nike youth superfly stud shoes for football price We spoke to the stud shoes for football price man responsible for the sketches, X3 designer Erik Goplen and he told Auto Express that he would “love to see it made,

We also cornered Markus Braunsberger, the project manager for the firm’s X models, who said: “There is certainly space in the product lineup for an X4 but we have to make sure it doesn’t steal sales from

the X3,

The newcomer is likely to use similar hardware and interior components to the X3, including its 3.0litre sixcylinder turbo engine, which offers 300bhpplus. According to our sources, the X4 has already gone from drawing board to concept stage, stud shoes for football price and we could see a show car next year, with a production model in 2013 nike youth superfly.

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Alternative Therapies For Depression

Nike hypervenom phantom boots girls football trainers the Cleveland Clinic defines depression as an intense, lengthy period girls football trainers of sadness that interferes with a person’s ability to lead a normal life. If left untreated, depression may escalate and last for years, possibly ending in suicide. As many as 10 million Americans suffer from depression, but most never seek nike hypervenom phantom boots treatment. Most of those who do opt for conventional treatment: antidepressants combined with psychotherapy. Patients seeking an alternative route to recovery should discuss their options with girls football trainers a doctor or licensed naturopath.

AcupunctureAcupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical practice. The body contains a series of channels called meridians. These meridians carry qi, or energy, throughout the body. When qi is blocked, the body may no longer function at optimum levels, creating a variety of symptoms that may include depression. A study conducted in 1998 by the National Institute of Health’s Office of Alternative Medicine found that acupuncture is an effective treatment for depression. It is important to seek a licensed acupuncturist for treatment.

SupplementsSAMe and St. John’s Wort, both plantbased substances, are often mentioned as alternative treatments for depression. Both have lesser incidences of side effects such as headache and loss of libido than traditional antidepressants. While St. John’s Wort was more popular in the early 1990’s, SAMe is girls football trainers the favorite now. It has even fewer side effects than St. John’s Wort, according to Natural Solutions. SAMe is more expensive than St. John’s Wort, however: up to $300 per month compared to around $10 per month. It is imperative that patients seeking supplement therapy be under the care of nike hypervenom phantom boots a professional. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. LIVESTRONG is a registered trademark of the LIVESTRONG Foundation. Moreover, we do not select every advertiser or advertisement that appears on the web sitemany of the advertisements are served by third party advertising companies girls football trainers.

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Best Fast Food Nutrition Choices

Nike superfly boots botas de futbol mercurialx in this society, people are always on the go. It can be hard to find quality, healthy foods that are cheap and easy. A nutritionist Brooklyn can help clients plan ahead, but even in New York City, it is possible to be left with only fast food options. Following these tips will can help a diner make the best choices.

The first, and most important, thing to keep in mind is calories. Choose botas de futbol mercurialx a meal with 500 calories or less. Drinking diet soda or water will help keep these calories in check. Smaller sandwiches, such as a cheeseburger, will also help lower the calorie count. Chili is also a great choice. Choosing a side of fruit, salad or a baked potato will also help lower the calorie count. The next thing to look for in a healthy, fast food dollar meal is fiber. Fiber is indigestible so it leaves the diner filling full without adding calories. Value menu choices with plenty of fiber include bean burritos, salad, fruit and baked potatoes.

Ensuring enough protein is another important aspect. Look to get 10 to 25 percent of calories from protein when eating fast food. In a 500 calorie meal, this means between 50 and 125 calories should come from protein. Each gram of protein has four calories, so a fast food meal should contain 12 to 31 grams botas de futbol mercurialx of protein. Good options for quality protein include grilled chicken wraps, cheeseburgers, bean burritos and chili.

The final thing that must be kept in mind when choosing a healthy fast food meal is fat. The meal should be as low in fat as possible. No more than 30 percent of the botas de futbol mercurialx calories in a meal should come from fat. In a 500 calorie meal, this equals 150 calories or 17 grams of fat. Bean burritos, soft tacos, salad, chili, baked potatoes and grilled chicken wraps are all great, low fat options. What is often overlooked when counting calories, protein, fat, and carbohydrates is sodium. While the obvious value meal French fries are loaded with salt, so are many of the other low grade beefs and flavorful marinades. Continued and prolonged consumption of high amounts of sodium can lead to high blood pressure and other heart problems. A nutritionist Brooklyn can help educate you on the pitfalls of cheap value meal selections.

With 36% of all adults considered obese, and twothirds of the adult population overweight, fast food nike superfly boots should never be a first option. When left with no other choice, however, a nutritionist Manhattan can help a prospective diner learn what the best choices are. When choosing fast food, keep calories, fiber, protein and fat in mind. Combining these factors with a healthy, active lifestyle will increase the chances of living a long, healthy life botas de futbol mercurialx nike superfly boots.

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Brain quirk makes eyewitnesses less reliable

Cheap magista opus an alternative theory is that people will try to retain information only for as long as they (think they) cheap magista opus need it noticable in working memory, which acts as a temporary notepad: one you have made that one phone call, you no longer need to retain the number.

Hence people will try to accurately recollect the details of a 911 event only until they have given an eye cheap magista opus witness account that it is a matter of record and they subconsciously let mercurial ic go of it. It’s the same as remembering an important message only until you have passed it on; after that your memory is reclaimed by other concerns.

As a result, once you have given your eye witness account (or taken your exam, for that matter), your recollection degrades in mercurial ic accuracy and will rely more on confabulation and reconstruction guesswork.

This is an interesting article. I do not question the results of the study but I do feel there are factors involved in the formation of memory that are not taken into account. At the end of the day, we are only able to recall a minuscule percentage of the significant amount sensory stimulus we are subjected to throughout the day. The things we remember are generally the things that evoke an emotional response. In response to unusual or exciting stimulation, our brains release excitatory neurotransmitters in the memory forming areas of our brains. This excitation enhances the detail of the information we record in a given experience and generally enhance our ability to convert this information to our long term memory. So while quizzing people after watching a 30 min tv show may reveal recollections that are less than reliable; let a group of people witness a real life mugging and I believe you will see an enormous improvement in the individual recollection cheap magista opus of events

It would be interesting and likely very time consuming to delve into witness’s personal history to see how their individual perception affects memory recall.

I imagine an experienced traffic cop would have an entirely different recollection of a fatal vehicle accident than his rookie partner who is observing the traumatic event for the first time. Similarly, most parents have a much different recall of their offspring’s childhood even though they both lived the same reality.

The findings of this study are disconcerting when one considers how many folks may be languishing in prison due to the faulty recall of an assertive witness who is adamant that their version of reality is the correct one cheap magista opus mercurial ic.

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‘Anderson is the biggest threat’

Nike tiempo models siddhartha Talya: Hello and welcome to Bowl at Boycs. I’m speaking to Geoffrey Boycott on the eve of a momentous occasion. England and India will play the 2000th Test, at Lord’s, and it will also be the 100th Test between the two teams. The No. 1 ranking is on the line England can get to No. 1 if they win the series by a twoTest margin and Sachin Tendulkar is on the verge of a 100th international ton. Geoffrey, it’s been a massive buildup to this series. You must be excited.

Geoffrey Boycott: Everybody in England is excited. First of all, it’s at the best place for cricket, the Mecca Lord’s. India is a big draw card; it’ll be a full house.

Secondly, there is a lot of talk about Tendulkar. He is such an iconic batsman and a lovely lad, but he’s never really done well at Lord’s. He’d like to get his 100th international century at the Mecca of cricket, but it’s going to be tough for him.

And thirdly, it’s quite clear that England want the No.1 spot. No doubt about that. They want to beat India 20. They really do want to be the No. 1 team in the world. India are a tough side. But England have an advantage playing at home. They know the conditions better. So, yeah, it’s going to be great.

ST: We’ll begin today’s show with a question about the Future Tours Programme [FTP], which was released by the ICC at its annual conference in Hong Kong last month. The question comes from Nitin in India. He says: The FTP has England, India and Australia playing the most Tests, with India due to play five Tests on each of their next two tours to England. Is India v England shaping up to be the next big thing in Test cricket?

GB: Everything at the moment, and in the future, is going to be driven increasingly by television revenue. There’ll be more Tests between the big four you’ve got to include South Africa. So there’ll be India, England, Australia and South Africa. We’ll find it increasingly in Tests, and probably ODIs as well, that there’ll be two tiers. In Tests, particularly, it will develop because of the TV revenues and the quality of cricket.

If you look at it, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh are ordinary to poor. There’s no money to be made playing in those countries or having them visit. West Indies and New Zealand a lot of their players are focusing on Twenty20, so are the administrators. There’s no money and they’re struggling. Nobody wants to play in Pakistan because of terrorism and it’s unsafe. Sri Lanka, as you heard, have no money. The money’s disappeared, there’s political unrest and trouble in the administration.

The teams are quite good and they’ve got pretty long histories, but it’s the TV income [that will play a major role]. Is it right? No, it’s not, because we’re going to lose nike tiempo models some of the other countries because they can’t keep up with the revenues made through television when playing Tests.

ST: Since we’re speaking on the eve of the 2000th Test, it’s probably a good time to ask you this question. It comes from Sabeer in India. He wants to know which, according to you, is the best Test you’ve played in and the best Test you’ve commentated on?

GB: Hah! That’s difficult, but I’ll have a bash at it. Sydney, 1970: England weren’t given much of a chance to win the Ashes they rarely are when they go to Australia. “Raylings” [Ray Illingworth] was captain and we played on a great cricket pitch. It really was one of the best I’ve ever played on. There was pace, bounce, a little movement, and then it turned towards the end. We won a lowishscoring game. John Snow bowled fantastically in the second innings and he picked up seven wickets to win the match. That was quite exciting and we went on to win another one in Sydney, the last Test, and won the Ashes 20.

I played a really exciting Test in PortofSpain in 1974. It was the nike magista opus fit fifth Test of the series. England were outplayed for the whole series until then. In four matches we were 01 down but should have been 03 down. Dennis Amiss saved us in one Test in Jamaica with a doublehundred. In Barbados, Tony Greig got a century, Lawrence Rowe got a triple. West Indies had some super names. Rohan Kanhai, Garry Sobers, Alvin Kallicharran (he made a big hundred in the first Test in Trinidad), Clive Lloyd.

We had been outplayed the whole damn series and we got to Trinidad, where it turned a bit, and won by 18 runs [26 runs]. Greig, at 6’8, had been bowling these swinging seamers and the West Indian batsmen were smashing them to all parts. So he actually had to turn to offcutters. At 6’8, and with a big high action, he started bowling these cutters. He tried bowling them on the flatter pitch in Barbados and didn’t make much of an impression. But it turned in Trinidad. They had a lot of lefthanders [Roy] Fredericks, Kallicharran, Lloyd, Sobers. The bowler’s rough was outside their off stump. So Greig, with his high action, got a bucketful of wickets, and from nowhere we actually won and it was quite an interesting Test. I quite enjoyed that.

As a commentator: I was working for a company called Talksport Radio in December 2000. It was Pakistan v England in Karachi. Both teams got roughly the same score, around 400. But England bowled out Pakistan cheaply in the second innings for 150odd. Darren Gough, Ashley Giles and Craig White got wickets. Suddenly England needed 176 to win but what happened was dramatic and interesting.

Pakistan were under pressure, losing in their own country, and started slowing down the over rate. It was absolutely pathetic. People were dragging their feet, walking slow. I’ve seen people come from the pub drunk and walk quicker than them. They just did it deliberately; the umpires kept mentioning it to them and they took no notice. It got so dark that they should have come off but the umpires were so mad at their deliberate attempt to draw the match that they stayed on. The lights were on at various places in the stadium they didn’t have floodlights and they kept playing, but you could hardly see the ball. The Pakistanis wanted to come off because they couldn’t see the ball while fielding, but the umpires said “No, it’s your fault, made them stay on and England won the match, with Graham Thorpe making an unbeaten halfcentury. I was one of the few people who said England would win as soon as they went out to bat. There were a number of people in our commentary box Mark Nicholas, Chris Cowdrey who thought otherwise. But Jack Bannister and I thought England would get these. I thought the umpires did a really good job for cricket, not because England won but because it was a deliberate act by the Pakistanis to slow down and it was against the spirit of the game. The umpires were brilliant. I really enjoyed that.

ST: Coming back to the EnglandIndia series, we have a question from Arnold in the UK. He wants to know: How different are Chris Tremlett and Graeme Swann from the last time they played India? Tremlett played them in 2007 and Swann bowled at India in 200809. Also, who in the England bowling lineup can be the most threatening to the Indian batsmen?

GB: Oh, not a shadow of a doubt. The one who is the most threatening [and can prevent India winning] is James Anderson. If the ball swings and moves off the seam, Anderson is not good, he is absolutely brilliant. He bowls some balls in English conditions that are absolutely magic and can bowl most people out I daresay, anybody out.

You’ve got to remember: we play with the Duke ball. It’s very different from the Kookaburra that doesn’t have much seam. Our Duke ball has a raised seam. It’s a better ball for English conditions and it moves. At the moment there’s going to be rain around at Lord’s. There’s no doubt that we’ve been getting rain in England, and it’s due certainly on the first day. After that it’s going to get better. If India play England on flat pitches where it doesn’t swing and seam much, I think they have a better chance of winning. But if it moves around I know you’ve got Zaheer and Ishant, but Anderson and Co are better.

You talk about Tremlett. He’s come on a ton. He’s got a tall, high action. He bowled well against India at The Oval [in 2007], but it was hot and the pitch was flat. I don’t think they’re going to be flat here. At Trent Bridge the ball usually swings a bit. There has to be very hot sunshine for it to not swing. If you get a normal English day, it’ll swing and do a bit. That helps England a little bit. Lord’s has an 8’8″ feet slope from cover to midwicket. The bowlers have something to work with. The Indian bowlers, too. But Anderson is the biggest danger.

Tremlett will hit them on the fingers. He gets bounce, he’s done well, he’s improved and his attitude is better. And Swann is a far better bowler [than when he started out]. His confidence is up, he gets many wickets, and he bowls well at lefthanders. So don’t pick many lefthanders!

ST: It’s time for a technical query and it comes from Amir in Pakistan. He wants to know: In the last couple of decades, which aspect of cricket be it batting, bowling or fielding has evolved the most, purely in terms of technique?

GB: Batting, especially in oneday cricket, has been a revelation. Almost every player is trying the reversesweep there is no change of grip. You’ve then got people trying the reverse [switch]hit, with a quick change of grip and stance. You’ve then got the scoop, which plenty of players are trying. These shots are improvisations being tried out by kids in the park, and even tailenders and lowerorder batsmen. Some of them are brilliant at it, some are not, but they are all trying and having a go. That’s what has changed.

We played a Twenty20 match Yorkshire v Lancashire a couple of week ago. We had a 20yearold, Azeem Rafiq born to Pakistani parents, has lived here and got a better Yorkshire accent than me. He won the game in the last over with two Dilshan scoops. Can you believe that? In the last over, he had the guts, the audacity and the skill to try it twice and win the damn match. This is symptomatic of kids all over the world. That’s been the biggest change and revelation.

ST: We move on to the question that Geoffrey has picked as his favourite for this show, and it comes from Amit in USA. It concerns the absence of Virender Sehwag, who is set to miss at least the first two Tests against England. How big a blow is his absence for India, and could it prove decisive in the outcome?

GB: Look, let’s be honest. He is a fantastic batsman. But nike magista opus fit I’m not sure it’ll be [as big] a blow as people probably think. He murders people on pitches in the subcontinent, where the ball doesn’t bounce too high. But in England, as I’ve mentioned, if the ball moves around and swings, it’s not so easy to play quite as freely as Virender does. It’s not impossible but it’s not so easy as the ball is swinging and cutting off the seam. And you’re going to get bounce; people like Tremlett are going to rap the batsmen on the fingers. You don’t get that in India. The pitches are flat and the ball hardly bounces stumphigh after the first few overs. In England it can be different.

If you’ve got very flat pitches here, he [Sehwag] could be a big force. I think he’ll be missed, but I also think if the ball moves around, he would struggle. So it’s [his absence] not such a decisive point in this series. What is more important is that Gambhir and Tendulkar, two fine players, are underdone; they’ve had one practice match. They didn’t play in the West Indies. They are two of your major players and they haven’t had much cricket. If they don’t get runs at Lord’s and the next Test match comes on them quick, you could find you are 01 down pretty quickly. I don’t think it’s such a big decision [factor] that Sehwag’s not playing. Important, yes, but not huge.

ST: Geoffrey, you mentioned earlier that England probably have the advantage if the conditions are favourable for swing and seam bowling. If you were asked to take a punt ahead of the series, what would it be?

GB: I think England might win. They have to win by a twoTest margin to go to No. 1. Will they win the fourTest series? I fancy they have a good chance. That doesn’t mean to say India might not win a match. But England have got to win by two. Not so sure about that. If I were to put my money on who will win the series, I’ll put my money on England.

ST: Thanks a lot Geoffrey. That’s a wrap on today’s show. Do send in your questions using our feedback form and we’ll have Geoffrey back with us in a couple of weeks to answer them. Until the next time, it’s goodbye from all of us here at ESPNcricinfo.

Geof Boycott is the best. He knows the English has the best character. I am Canadian (originally from Bangladesh). I am confident that my prediction is 100% true/honest/objective. England will win nike tiempo models in Lords and all tests. 40 is the final score. India will lose with an innings in each test. Sachin will not get his 100th 100. Strauss will score an unbeaten 200+ at Lords. Temlett will 5 in first innings and 6 in the 2nd. He will be the MOM (he will get Sachin bowl/lbw in both innings). I think this series will show nike tiempo models that India is not yet 1. In my opinion, the best team today is England. No one is close to England. No one nike tiempo models nike magista opus fit.