ace 17+ adidas laceless Best alternative to AJAX

Best alternative to AJAX

Ace 17+ adidas laceless if you decide to go that route, then you should investigate the many AJAX libraries and toolkits out there that ace 17+ adidas laceless are designed to take the pain and misery out of nike hypervenomx ic lowlevel AJAX programming. The most prominent and easiest to use is Adobe Flex, followed by Microsoft’s Silverlight, JavaFX, and OpenLaszlo.

Each has its advantages depending on what languages you’re already used to, but personally I think ace 17+ adidas laceless Adobe Flex is the most powerful given its relatively short learning curve.

With any of these platforms, you can expect to spend some time learning the new framework and nike hypervenomx ic tools, although it sounds as though you would be learning a framework for Ajax anyway. Have fun!

If your Silverlight app is completely standalone; say, some kind of browserbased game, then it ace 17+ adidas laceless really doesn matter what kind of server you host it from. nike hypervenomx ic Michael Ames Jul 19 ’11 at 20:56 ace 17+ adidas laceless.