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Fish Oil For Dogs

Custom nike hypervenom as I was reading years custom nike hypervenom ago about feeding my do a healthy, yet affordable diet, I ran across articles explaining the benefits of supplementing your dogg’ diet with fish oil, more specifically, omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 acids are essential fatty acids that have many health benefits for dogs including: aiding in canine allergies, aiding in kidney disease, skin and coat health, easing arthritis and as an antiinflammatory. Just a note before you start your dog on a regiment of fish oil, please consult your veterinarian.

I will not get overly technical here, since I am not custom nike hypervenom educated in biology. But omega 3 acids can come from 3 fatty acids, ALA, EPA and DHA. ALA mainly comes form plant sources, like flax seed oil, and dogs will have a more difficult time converting these acids in the body. So we all nike football boots will stick with the other two acids.

Essential fatty acids cannot be made in the body, so we have to be able to supplement them in our diets. Since both dogs and humans benefit from the same essential fatty acids, human fish oil supplement can be given to our dogs. Although there have been very few side effects of feeding fish oil to dogs, you can “over dose” them. Reports have shown that to much can cause diarrhea and other side effects, so remember proper dosage. A few sources I have read say that a 1500 mg fish oil capsule is safe for dogs over 20 lbs. If you can get concentrations of EPA and DHA on the label of whatever you are feeding, another reference is approximately 100150 mg of EPA and DHA per 1015 lbs.

So now where to get your supplements! Well, remember to “be a shopper, Since you can use either ones developed and sold for humans we have lots of choices. Remember there can be lots of quality differences in products. Omega 3 acids will degrade once they are exposed air, light and heat. So the less handled and processed a product is, the higher concentration, which will also mean less contaminants. If you are going to use the capsules, remember custom nike hypervenom to check the dosage on the bottle. Also do some research on the company do see if it lists its procedures in making their product. You can also feed your dog fish directly. Doing a little digging I found all nike football boots that canned mackerel contains 2600 mg per 3.5 oz. serving, lake trout 2000 mg/3.5 oz serving and herring contains 1700 mg /3.5 oz serving. I supplement my dogs’ diet from multiple sources, but if you just want a simple method, try Nordic Naturals. They are a bit more expensive, but come highly recommended. For a 4050 lb dog, at 2 capsules per day, it will cost you about $2.20 per week.

Fish oil is a good healthy affordable dog supplement because of its overall health effects. Just remember to talk to your veterinarian and remember proper dosages. Look for good quality all nike football boots brands of capsules and don’t forget to check out sales at the store for fresh and canned fish custom nike hypervenom.