Vintage Nike Hypervenom Phantom III 3 DF FG – Electric Green/Black/Hyper Orange Gold and your future wife’s diamond stilettos dazzle at

Gold and your future wife’s diamond stilettos dazzle at

Football boot online shopping gold and jewel stilettos dazzle at

The handmade Eternal Diamond Stilettos are covered in thousands of diamonds and rumored to be on the gift lists of Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton and caribbean singer Cheryl Cole.

Each pair takes 100 hours to football boots store be built by a team of goldsmiths from solid sheets of gold, Before football boot online shopping 2200 sparkling jewelry are set by hand. Until now, Five pairs of the sparkly stilettos occur sold.

Designer Christopher Michael Shellis came up with bespoke luxury shoes and produces them in the Jewellery Quarter, Penge, Central England and sells them from House of Borgezie.

Are something women find totally alluring, And I wanted a way of displaying my skills of goldsmithing, Diamondsetting and design in a fashion that was really attractive, He explained.

Shoes are football boot online shopping iconic and elegant and are the eventual form of female expression. The response to the shoes has been amazing. People literally stop and stare as soon as see them,

Mr Shellis said he has had interest from three highprofile fames but would football boot online shopping not name names.

The dazzling heels also have a 1000year guarantee. Some shoes possess diamonds sewn onto them, Ours are soldered on so they won’t be destroyed, Mr Shellis considered.

Like archeology and love the idea of them being found somewhere 1000 years from now and known as an ancient treasure football boots store and still as good as the day they were made football boot online shopping.