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Are You Really Too Sick to Work Out

Laceless soccer boots mercurial victory vi “you have to use common sense, Mason says. “Consult a physician if you’re unsure as to the severity of your illness or what to do for it,

Physical activity can help your body prevent and fight illness. “If you exercise appropriately, there’s an improvement in immunesystem function, Potteiger says. Doing the right amount can help fight off bugs, but excessive exercise can make you more susceptible to illness.

Don’t fret about skipping a workout or two to recuperate. “It becomes problematic, Potteiger says, “when you start to miss a day or mercurial victory vi two all of the time,

Lyle Mason, MD, orthopedic surgeon for the Utah Jazz, has a rule of thumb that he applies equally to his basketball players, weekend warriors and regular guys wondering if they should work out when sick. “Most people, when they’re somewhat ill, are not going to want to exercise, Mason says. “And that’s probably for the best,

Exercise physiologist Jeffrey A. Potteiger, PhD, of the American College of Sports Medicine, has a similar recommendation: “If you don’t feel well and you don’t feel like exercising, then you probably shouldn’t,

That said, sometimes it’s OK to hit the gym when you’re sick. Other times it’s best to hit the hay. Here are some guidelines:

Common cold and flu: You’re most likely to come down with a cold than any other illness. Americans get walloped by 1 billion colds a year, according to the University of Pennsylvania Health System. “If you’ve got a bad head cold, then I don’t think you should exercise, says Potteiger, a laceless soccer boots professor at Miami University’s Kinesiology and Health Department in Oxford, Ohio. Two things work against your body when you exercise with viral illnesses like colds and flu. “The exercise can lessen your immunity to the virus, Mason says, “and the virus, of course, makes you less able to exercise effectively,

Best bet: Don’t play.

Sore throat: All sorts of things can make your throat feel like it’s on fire. Mason treats Jazz players who have sore throats from viral infections with medicine for symptoms, and they can play. Strep throat is another story. It is mercurial victory vi a bacterial illness and antibiotics can be prescribed, but players are kept out of action.

Best bet: Know your foe maybe you can exercise if you have a viral sore throat, but it’s nogo for strep throat.

Stomachache: The discomfort could be caused by food poisoning, which is a bacterial infection the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims causes 76 million illnesses a year. Or it could be a viral gastroenteritis. You’re better off staying closer to your bathroom than the gym if diarrhea accompanies your midsection malady. Says Potteiger, “If you’ve got some gastrointestinal [problems], you don’t want to be working out,

Best bet: Sit it out.

Headache: This is a toughie because a plethora of culprits can cause headaches. Follow Potteiger’s general advice: “If you’re not feeling very well and you’ve got the rundowns, [then] if you did a little bit of physical activity, that might be OK. But you have to be very careful of the volume and intensity of the activity,

Best bet: Go easy, if mercurial victory vi you do anything.

Bronchitis (chest cold): Depending on the severity, light walking or a little bit of resistance training might not hurt. However, you’ll find it tough to run because of the volume of air your lungs have to move in and out, Potteiger says.

Best bet: Take it easy.

Fever: The Utah Jazz players get a sick laceless soccer boots day if their temperatures are too high. “We want them out of there until the fever’s gone, Mason says. Same should go for the nonpros mercurial victory vi.