latest nike tiempo Burberry Brings Runway Fashion to the Masses

Burberry Brings Runway Fashion to the Masses

Cheap mens nike football boots latest nike tiempo without a doubt one of the mostanticipated and wellattended shows at London Fashion cheap mens nike football boots Week is the Burberry Prorsum show, and this year was no different. Sitting front row we saw starlets like Frieda Pinto and Kate Beckinsale, and all the major media outlets were there too but what makes the Burberry show different is that even commoners like me can watch it live, as it happens!

If I wanted to go attend latest nike tiempo Burberry’s show, there is slim to little chance that I’d even get in the doors, cheap mens nike football boots and if that somehow happened, I’d get the worst seat in the house. The live stream on the other hand gave me access to the best seat in the house; curled up in my comfy reading chair with a laptop and hot cup of tea, you can’t beat that. I love that such a fashion forward and exclusive house of design understands the need to use new media and connect with the buyers. With a simple idea like livestreaming their shows, they’ve introduced their line to a whole new generation of buyers. (If you missed the show, you can still watch it here)

The show itself was remarkable. There was a lot of love for animal prints; leopard, zebra, and even giraffe prints were stamped and woven onto bags, trench coats, pencil skirts and shoes. There was also a lot of mixing latest nike tiempo of patterns. My favourite bag mixed the unlikely combination of leopard and hounds tooth; two classics playing off of each other rather well.

By far my favourite part of the show was the trench coats. Presented in a fresh new way with latex pieces, printed sleeves, latest nike tiempo and embellished details, it was like watching a sexier, younger sister version of a traditional Burberry coat come down the runway. Even with so many amazing options, the one that made my heart skip a beat; the heart print of course! Now, I’ve never owned anything in calfskin or leather because it creeps me out a little, but if I had an extra $11,500 hanging around, I would definitely consider this trench.

Anticipating that viewers of the live show would want to shop, Burberry even launched a new madetoorder catwalk service. For the next two weeks, customers can visit the Burberry site and order a bespoke piece off the runway; custom made, with your name engraved on a metal tag plate at no additional cost. These pieces are also designed with a special technology that allows the owner to run their phone over the item, and unlock footage that will retrace the garment’s journey from sketch to finished design. How unbelievable is that. Seriously, if you are considering a purchase from Burberry’s line this is the way to go.

I love the way that Burberry has included every potential shopper from their live stream to the bespoke madetoorder catwalk service, and hope to see more designers thinking about the 99 per cent of us that can’t make it to every fashion week, but still save up our pennies for special purchases latest nike tiempo.