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Another Bitter Year Brewing For B

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taxes, fees and levies from all levels of government are set to go up, leaving even less of your hardearned money in your pocket.

It already started when January’s Medical Services Premium bills arrived in the mail in late December. government has raised their socalled health care tax again this time from $128 per month for a family to $133. That means the MSP has increased 24 per cent in just three years adding $300 in annual taxes.

The MSP tax hike is especially objectionable. Even if you don’t use the health care system, you are forced to pay this socalled “user fee, And it’s hardly an “insurance premium” either. When you drive too fast or cause a lot of car accidents, your car insurance premium rightfully goes up. If you act just as recklessly with your health, you pay the same MSP as the local health nut.

In truth, it’s a regressive tax. If you make $30,001 a year, or $3 million a year, you pay the same $133 MSP a month. Of course, politicians and government workers don’t care much your taxes pick up their MSP tab, so they don’t even see a bill. MSP is for the little people who don’t work for government.

Your takehome pay will also shrink this year thanks to the federal government. British Columbians earning at least $47,400 will pay $51.50 more in Employment Insurance premiums in 2013; their employers will kick in another $71.61.

Anyone earning over $51,100 will also pay $49.50 more in Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions this year. Employers will kick in a matching amount.

Government monopolies are also increasing their prices. Hydro’s latest 3.91 per cent increase will take effect April 1, costing the average homeowner another $36 a year plus tax. No word on whether 99 per cent of their staff will continue to get bonuses this year.

In Metro Vancouver, TransLink will raise their share of property taxes by roughly 1.5 per cent on July 1, thanks to legislation that makes an increase virtually automatic.

TransLink is also increasing fares 10 per cent. A threezone ticket will now cost $5.50. Transit is also raising its bus fares, from $1.75 to $2.25.

The Golden Ears Bridge ties its toll increases to the annual rate magista ankle boots of inflation, which is 1.4 per cent, so drivers can expect that to increase as well in midJuly. Over on the Port Mann Bridge, halfprice $1.50 tolls are coming to end during 2013. A round trip across the bridge will soon cost $6. with very few exceptions such as Penticton will take more in property taxes on July 1. Most hikes are in the neighbourhood of three per cent twice the rate of inflation. Regional districts are also upping their tax grab on July 1.

These are just the taxes we know about. February’s provincial budget will have astro turf football boots sale to deal with the transition back to the PST and could include business tax increases, a carbon tax hike, lowering personal tax exemptions and raising the MSP again.

All these different governments and agencies justify their increases by stressing how it’s just a few more dollars hardly noticeable to the average family. But there’s still only one taxpayer and in 2013, our burden will get heavier, thanks to governments that would rather raise taxes than deal with their core spending issues.

Happy New Year, taxpayers. We hope you survive the experience.

It seems right that tax revenues should move in lockstep with the rate of inflation. However BC should be focusing on reducing the cost of government, rather than increasing it. More importantly, BC should be keenly focused on finding new sources of revenue not on the backs of its taxpaying citizens. In order to remain relevant, our government’s initiatives must focus on increasing magista ankle boots real GDP. Maintaining healthy infrastructure and effective social programs costs money and plenty of it so it makes great sense that BC needs new sources of revenues, and not increased taxes. I have to repeat this NEW REVENUE SOURCES the most effective source is primary industry. So come on BC gov. Shoot the puck!

I scarcely have words. SO disgusted with all levels of government. I worked in government for awhile and was so appalled at the waste, bureaucracy and dishonesty that I had to quit my job. The total lack of integrity just made me so sick I could not even work there. They are dishonest with taxpayers, with the media and with their own employees. Politics rules everything, it’s all about getting reelected and there is not the slightest intention to actually do the right thing.

Now looking for work guess I am subject to the success of Christy’s “jobs for BC families” strategy. haha! Is everyone as totally sick magista ankle boots of hearing these meaningless words as I am magista ankle boots.