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Maybe a problem

Nike hypervenom phinish nike hypervenom phelon 3 tf the idiom was juryrig, and it was what one of the boys had to do to their car’s “hanging muffler, The phrase means “to erect, construct, or arrange in a makeshift fashion, to cite MerriamWebster Online.

The word had popped up the week before in The New York Times Magazine article, “The SleepIndustrial Complex, all about the mattress and pharmaceutical industries.

Juryrigging is a term with nautical origins. “Rig” is one of those little words so short that it contains nearly infinite meanings (an early form of nanotechnology). One of its meanings is “the arrangement of masts, sails, etc, on a vessel,

In the days of the tall ships, when a vessel on the high seas lost a mast in a storm or a battle, the ship’s carpenter would fashion what was known as a jury mast from spare parts down in the hold. Jury mast goes back to 1616. And by the late 18th century, juryrig was the verb for outfitting a ship with an emergency makeshift mast. Over time the concept was extended to include other kinds of improvisations, as with the aforesaid wonky muffler.

Juryrigged has a somewhat less respectable fraternal twin with which it is often confused: jerrybuilt. “Built unsubstantially of nike hypervenom phelon 3 tf bad materials; built to sell but not last, is how the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) defines jerrybuilt. nike hypervenom phinish Where juryrigged is all ingenuity and resourcefulness, often under emergency conditions think Tom Hanks and his fellow astronauts trying to get back from the nike hypervenom phelon 3 tf moon in the movie “Apollo 13″ jerrybuilt is about cutting corners and doing things on the cheap.

When The Boston Phoenix reviewed the Jerry Seinfeld “Bee Movie” under the simple headline “JERRYBUILT, it was clearly not a compliment.

The origins of both juryrigged and jerrybuilt are nike hypervenom phinish sketchy, as befits terms that refer nike hypervenom phelon 3 tf to forms of improvisation, I suppose.

The OED has this to say about jury mast: “Origin unknown, There has been some speculation that “jury” is an abbreviation of “injury, but Oxford says, ixnay, “No supporting evidence has been found,

Jerrybuilt is more recent first seen in print in 1869, according to the OED. But no one knows for sure who “Jerry” was. A building firm in the Merseyside region of England is the source of the term, according to one theory. Mr. Israel calls this and other speculation “fanciful,

Sometimes language changes when two terms that have been used interchangeably over much of their history begin to take on distinct meanings, dividing the semantic territory, so to speak. In the case of juryrigged and jerrybuilt, though, we have two usefully distinct terms that are beginning to blend.

I just did a Google News search of “juryrigged” and got 37 hits. “Jerrybuilt” brought up 10 but “jerryrigged” 21, including an item from Scientific American about the repair done last month on the International Space Station’s solarpanel array nike hypervenom phelon 3 tf nike hypervenom phinish.

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