nike magista opus GeForce 7800 GTX cards compared

GeForce 7800 GTX cards compared

Nike magista opus nike superfly shop that’s right, XFX throws an XGear Dual Reflex Controller as part of the package. This is an honesttogoodness, very nice, dualshock USB game controller that retails for about 40 bucks. The plastics used on this thing are top notch, and the black surface covering the grips has an expensive, rubberized feel. The weighting of the analog sticks is adequate, although I’d prefer a little more resistance. “Dual shock, of course, means that it vibrates in two places, so you can feel it when you nike magista opus bounce your car between the track walls in a racing game.

The XGear is a little bit larger than the Logitech Dual Action GamePad. I find that it fits my hands perfectly, whereas the Logitechs are better for kids. I swear I don’t have gigantic hands or anything, either.

This is a killer bundle item, because it’s actual hardware instead of software, and because it scales well: if nike magista opus you buy two cards for SLI, you get two controllers, and you’re nike superfly shop happy about it. Say what you want about The Chronicles of Riddick, but a second copy of even a good game isn’t much use.

I did have one problem with the XGear’s driver. When installed, my PC wouldn’t work properly with Windows Remote Desktop Connection. XFX says it’s working on a fix. Meanwhile, the controller works fine with Windows’ generic gamepad driver, save for the fact that the dual shock motors don’t work.

The rest of XFX’s bundle is pretty typical, but it generously includes a pair of SVideo extension cables in addition to the splitter.

Someone in XFX marketing needs to be punished, however, for commissioning that horrid Tshirt. In fact, XFX gets points off for the inclusion of the shirt, because it’s possible that a geek with no fashion sense might unwittingly wear this thing out in public. On a date, even. One shudders to think of it.

Included on the XFX driver CD is a copy of 3D Edit Silver V3, a video editing app. There are also demo versions of several CyberLink products, including PowerDVD, but XFX does not include a fullfledged DVD player with the card.

The XFX warranty is the shortest of the bunch. They’ll repair or replace this card for two years. XFX does provide 24×7 technical support via a tollfree support line, but I couldn’t find phone number on any of the printed documentation that accompanies the card or in the manual on the CD. The manual simply says to contact your nike superfly shop dealer, go to the website, nike superfly shop or email technical support for assistance. You’ll have to hunt down the phone number on XFX’s website in order to call for help.

To me, though, the XFX is all about the game controller. Well, OK, not all about the controller, since there is a little thing called a GeForce 7800 GTX included, but this thing is a heckuva nice way to set your product apart from the competition. Bundled software I can take or leave, but bundled hardware is something else entirely nike superfly shop nike magista opus.

Retro Nike Magista Opus II FG – Blue/Silver/Volt Gerri D Smith

Gerri D Smith

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