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Dodgers brawl nets eight suspensions

Football boots for cheap new YORK League Baseball came down hard nike mercurial shoes on the Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks on Friday, handing out eight suspensions and a dozen fines as punishment for a benchclearing brawl.

Yet even with Arizona pitcher Ian Kennedy getting 10 games and infielder Eric Hinske five for their roles in football boots for cheap Tuesday fight, it might not be enough to quell the lingering hostility between the NL West rivals.

it not over yet, not at all, Dodgers reliever Ronald Belisario said. don nike mercurial shoes think anybody thinks it over. Howell and infielder Skip Schumaker appealed the twogame suspensions they received from MLB senior vicepresident Joe Garagiola Jr.

Los Angeles manager Don Mattingly and Arizona Kirk Gibson were given onegame bans, while Dodgers hitting coach Mark McGwire must sit two games. Bench coach Trey Hillman filled in for Mattingly on Friday night when Los Angeles played at Pittsburgh.

Garagiola cited Kennedy for intentionally throwing a pitch at the head of Zack Greinke after a warning had been issued and Hinske for leaving the dugout and actions. Pierzynski on May 20, 2006.

me (Kennedy) seemed like he was kind of the instigator football boots for cheap and started it and piled on and he got the most, Mattingly said. just seems fair.

All eight handed suspensions were also fined, as were Greinke, Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig, Arizona catcher Miguel Montero and Diamondbacks outfielder Gerardo Parra.

MLB football boots for cheap fined the Dodgers for allowing players on the disabled list to leave the dugout and enter the field during the brawl. MLB also banned disabled list players on the Dodgers and Diamondbacks from sitting in their dugouts through Sunday.

If players appeal, their penalties are on hold until after hearings and decisions.

Kennedy hit Puig with a pitch that deflected off his back to his nose in the sixth, and Greinke hit Montero on the back in the seventh, drawing a warning from umpires. Both teams charged onto the field, but the scrum broke up quickly with no punches thrown.

Kennedy then hit Greinke on the upper left shoulder in the bottom half of the inning, and the ball deflected off his helmet. A prolonged and more heated scuffle ensued against a railing on the firstbase side.

Kennedy, Gibson and Diamondbacks coach Turner Ward were ejected after the shoving match. Puig, McGwire and Dodgers reliever Ronald Belisario also were tossed.

Mattingly had to be restrained as he tried to get at Gibson, and they exchanged words briefly. McGwire and third base coach Matt Williams grabbed each other shirts in a tense standoff and shouted at each nike mercurial shoes other.

Mattingly joked he was playing and understands the fight will likely have some carryover effect, even if it is only in the media.

no way for us to go to Arizona now without us having to talk about it, he said. going to be an effort to keep it alive and it won be by the players or us football boots for cheap.

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Nike Air Jordan 11 Retro Concords Re

Nike mercurial shoes sometimes I read particular headlines and wonder if the whole world is going mad. That happened yesterday when I read a news report on my phone about disturbances in some shops in America caused by shoppers hoping to get their hands on a pair of Air Jordan 11 Retro Concords which are a topselling Nike trainer that they have just rereleased.

According to reports some people were desperate to get their hands on a pair and at some centres there were fights and stampedes and in some areas police were forced to use pepper spray to bring the crowds under control. One canny manager who had obviously anticipated trouble had an armed guard to escort customers who had managed to be a pair back to their car.

I’m left wondering whether any of the shoppers involved actually thought about what they had done afterwards. Okay, some people were clearly buying to make a quick profit because it appears that it wasn’t long before they were appearing online and attracting bids 3 times their original cost, but some buyers would have bought them to wear or to keep on a shelf unworn at home and only occasionally taking nike mercurial shoes them out of box ercurial vapor 11 to admire them.

The question I nike mercurial shoes have to ask is why? Why would someone queue for hours and then get involved in a stampede or a fight to buy a pair of trainers, They are only a piece of footwear after all.

Yes they may be Nike, yes they may be iconic, yes they may come from a bestselling line, but it still doesn’t alter the fact that they are just a piece of footwear.

Now I know you’re probably thinking that I obviously have no fashion sense or understanding of iconic items, but you’d be wrong. I love fashion as much as the next person and even studied the subject for my first degree. I’ve lusted after many popular items from Stella McCartney’s over the knee boots to the late Alistair McQueen’s Novak handbags, a Vivienne Westwood bustier and a Christopher Kane bandage dress.

I love the sales, particularly Christmas sales but the idea of queuing or fighting to nike mercurial shoes get my hands on a popular item is a complete anathema to me. I don’t like the cold or the rain for one thing so you won’t catch me standing on a pavement even for an hour let alone days. But more importantly in fashion terms I’ve never really wanted to follow the crowd. I don’t really want to wear items that are instantly recognisable and scream a particular designer.

It’s not that I’ve never bought an iconic item I have but if I miss out on something, I miss out on it. Fashion is fun and the clothing and shoe industries are worth trillions around the world so their importance should never be underestimated, but whether it be the rerelease of an iconic item, or the chance of snaffling a sought after bargain in the Christmas sales no one will ever convince me that queuing is fun or taking part in a stampede is justified nike mercurial shoes.