neymar hypervenom Shinhwa Models for ‘Book Reading Seoul’ Campaign Decoding Asian Pop

Shinhwa Models for ‘Book Reading Seoul’ Campaign Decoding Asian Pop

Neymar hypervenom nike mercurial victory 6 indoor all six members of Shinhwa have become models for the Seoul Culture Foundation’s ‘Book Reading Seoul’ Campaign increasing their existing star image as becoming the general public’s icon leading the way of knowledgable society into the 21st century.

Although every member of group Shinhwa have such tight schedules individually to make a gathering at one time near impossible, all the members completely nike mercurial victory 6 indoor supported the Seoul Culture Foundation’s goals to make a future where enjoying reading and discussing books could be a daily part of one’s life through the ‘Book Reading Seoul’ campaign and thus all 6 members whole heartedly agreed to the project.

In particular, rather nike mercurial victory 6 indoor than just make trivial and mere perceptive trends as a public star, group Shinhwa who have always showed a young passion for life through their serious work on music and acting expressed their hope that their roles through the ‘Book Reading Seoul’ campaign, would have the youths that love them, create and spread the book reading culture.

For the day’s filming Lee Minwoo had Lee Chul Soo’s ‘A Tree Leaf Letter’, Shin Hyesung ‘Jung Hae Seung’s Science Concert’, Eric had Seoul Culture Foundation’s ‘Seoul Right Now’, Andy An Do Hyun’s poetry and Kim Dongwan had Jung Hyun Jeng’s poetry but throughout the filming all the members spent their time reading through the books they were each given, showing a strong interest in reading. In particular, Lee Minwoo who nike mercurial victory 6 indoor has shown off his lyric composing abilities emphasised that a music’s creation’s basic was also reading and a contented expression was on his face all throughout filming while reading through Lee Chul Soo’s ‘A Tree Leaf Letter’.

In this day and age where many stars no longer care about busying themselves on using their influence in positive ways, the way in which group Shinhwa knows how to donate their personal talents to a public society campaign and practice culture sharing makes us all look foward to this beautiful creation of a precedent, becoming something that can be followed and continued more from the entertainment industry.

Being one of the leading ‘Korean wave’ stars as well as the nations top group, if the monetary value of the 6 members of Shinhwa modelling for this campaign was calculated it would be a figure over 6 hundred million won. The group that knows how to donate a value of 6 hundred million won; Shinhwa’s ‘Book Reading Seoul’ posters will be released during the summer vacation period of August in all Kyobo book stores nationwide.

The Seoul Culture Foundation have expressed their thanks to group Shinhwa through a testimonial that will be recieved on behalf of Shinhwa by Shinhwa’s management, Good Entertainment.

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