Nike Mercurial Victory VI IC – Blue/Pink/Black/Green Ireland Why Seamless Stockings Are Still Sexy After All Of These Years

Why Seamless Stockings Are Still Sexy After All Of These Years

Nike mercurial victory football boots nike mercurial victory vi ic seamless stockings made of silk and cotton were being worn hundreds of years ago in Japan, China and even ancient Greece. They truly became a indispensable item of clothing in Europe beginning in the 12th century. Men wore them under their breeches (early pants) and ladies wore them under their gowns held up by garter belts. When seamed stockings became the fashion trend among European nobility, the general populace still wore the seamless stocking as they were more affordable at the time. Eventually, the seamed stockings fell out of fashion but the seamless stockings were still worn by the common people.

In the early 1900’s stockings came back into nike mercurial victory vi ic fashion and it silk or cotton stockings were part of every woman’s wardrobe. Even with the invention of nylons in the 1960’s, stockings remained popular and were mass produced. Many of the older generation of the time wanted the traditional knee and thigh high stockings instead of pantyhose. These seamless stockings are often held up with a rubber strip built into the top to hold them up so you don’t have to use a garter belt.

As more and nike mercurial victory vi ic more women began wearing pants instead of dresses, seamless stockings somewhat dropped out of sight in the last part of the 20th centuries. Although still available, they were seen as conventional and boring by women who wanted equal rights and to able to compete with the men in corporate power suits. Silk and cotton stockings could still be found but only in specialty lingerie shops or highend boutiques.

Recent years have found the seamless stockings resurging in popularity. Women have reached a more balanced place where they can compete with the men while still feeling feminine nike mercurial victory vi ic and sexy. Now it is becoming easier to find seamless stockings at local department stores and not just in the lingerie stores. Ladies have realized that the seamless stocking is comfortable as well as being sexy looking.

There are two main favorite types of seamless stockings among women today. The cotton stocking remains popular. They tend to be a little thicker than the silk but still look sexy. Very durable but still looking great with dresses and skirts, cotton stockings are less expensive than nike mercurial victory football boots silk. Silk stockings cost more but still provide great durability. Silk tends to be more sheer so looks better with fancier dresses and evening gowns. They also remain favored for wearing with lingerie, especially with a very sexy garter belt. Silk stockings are frequently embellished with lace nike mercurial victory football boots around the top which can add to the allure.

Now available in many stores and at reasonable prices, women everywhere are rediscovering the seamless stocking. Seamless stockings make a woman’s legs look and feel wonderful. Comfortable and sheer, they are much more durable than nylons as they don’t run and tear easily nike mercurial victory vi ic nike mercurial victory football boots.