soccer boots sale I and Amanda Lew Kee spring

I and Amanda Lew Kee spring

Soccer boots sale mercurial ag the simple presentation was the perfect format for the 12 looks the label designers, Diego Fuchs and Helder Aguiar, showed for their first collection.

Too often young designers want to make grand statements with a runway show, and ignore the fact that they don have sufficient garments for an epic production.

But that probably a lesson Fuchs and Aguiar have learned from being backstage at many a show before. Both were previously employed by the nowdefunct Toronto label Nada, and they were also one of the four finalists in the Toronto Fashion Incubator New Labels competition earlier this year. The dark palette was punctuated with touches of blush pink. A standout item was a tuxedo vest in soft tinsel and suede.

theme was the look of a girl who doesn give a damn, the designers said backstage.

But there was a certain refinement and a clean streamlined look to this collection. They might have envisioned a girl who doesn care how she looks, but with these easy pieces, she would still look great while doing so.

Designer Amanda Lew Kee set about staging quite an imaginative runway show one that was not just a feast for the eyes but for one taste buds as well.

The 24yearold held her runway show at Queen St. W. restaurant Ursa during dinnertime. Her 15 guests, including retailer buyers, bloggers and some fashion media, sat on one side of the restaurant and dined on a tasting menu; the other side of the restaurant was filled with regular patrons.

Two models came out as each course was served. And the chef had designed each course to match their outfits.

The starter, a cocktail called Hemingway Dream, a concoction of gin, absinthe and egg white, perfectly captured the celadon colour of the track jackets worn during that course.

A black amusebouche that followed was as light and airy as Lew Kee mesh draped dresses. And an autumn consomm with tiny balls of squash, parsnip and Swiss chard perfectly reflected all of the colours mercurial ag in you guessed it a pattern of tiny coloured balls.

A bit gimmicky, perhaps, but Lew Kee is serious about her growing business. mercurial ag She already showed to buyers during New York fashion week and wanted a scaleddown show for Toronto.

wanted illustrate the lifestyle of soccer boots sale my brand, she said of the restaurant venue.

Her collection, with standouts such as twotoned trousers and long languid black dresses with slits up the thighs, has just the type of things cool girls in this westend neighbourhood would wear out to these hipster bars and restaurants.

also wanted to make this show interactive and also for people to have facetoface conversations, she said.

If anyone missed the models while eating, each table had soccer boots sale an iPad that featured an app designed specifically for Lew Kee mercurial ag that showed each look, and had the option to email the outfit, along with the pictures and details mercurial ag.