Retro Nike Kids Mercurial Superfly V SX Neymar AG – Blue Orbit/White/Armory Navy Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Sock football boots my son birthday approacheth as well. He be 11 and is so excited about his big day. He been talking about it for months, interrupting us in the middle of dinner back in December to ask if we had already decided what his gift football boots store would be. Clearly, he thinks that we spend as much time thinking about his birthday as he does after all, between work, raising kids, shoveling two feet of snow every other week, cleaning the house, cooking, shopping, carpooling and making post Apocalypse plans, what else is there to do?

Children are obsessed with their birthdays and this obsession has spawned an industry whose revenues rival the GNP of many a small nation. Yet adults rarely look forward to their birthdays. So I been wondering when our birthdays morph from the Event of the Year to a Day to be Dreaded. I imagine it sometime after someone says, birthday! Got your permit yet? and right before your spouse and friends start gifting you with those mugs and tee shirts from the card store that mock your age.

We haven really had too many bad birthday experiences as a family. Oh, of course, there was the time the pony I rented reared up and frightened the circus elephant. This caused a stampede through my neighbor petunias, for which Gonzo the Clown a local high school student football boots store was blamed and ended up in juvie, but other than that our experiences have been pretty tame and joyful.

In fact, our best children birthday parties have been the simplest. There was the time the local fire station sock football boots generously welcomed my 5 year old and his friends, gave them a tour and handed out fire safety tips. They wouldn even take a donation. The pizza party following a Harry Potter movie premiere, which for several years fortuitously coincided with one of sock football boots my children birthdays. And my long awaited second child first birthday at home, the invitations to which stated simply, have balloons, we have cake, but best of all we have (insert name of my son here). the next time sock football boots you thinking about renting out Madison Square Garden and hiring KC and the Sunshine Band for a little one birthday party (and believe me, I BEEN THERE), remember the simple birthday parties of our youths (or at least, of MY youth). Those parties, relived through hours and hours of old (and silent) family movies, show the birthday girl in a frilly dress unwrapping her gifts one by one and holding each up to the camera with a big smile. Then the hordes gather around the merrily dressed dining room table, as mom (in apron) marches out like a queen, triumphantly holding up a cake blazing with candles. Everyone smiles and claps, except for little sister, who cries because she hasn gotten any presents at all.

(By the way, in case you looking ahead to July 14, I enjoy gift certificates to Barnes and Noble, nice perfume and am badly in need of a new cell phone. And no, I don mind if it not a surprise) sock football boots.