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Bipolar Disorder Medication Spotlight

Adidas boots football i was prescribed Buspar for anxiety and it was the only med I was on. I thought it helped with social anxiety for about 2 months (whereas I had taken it for general anxiety). It really didn do what I wanted, and good effects subsided after a couple of months. It had some side effects I liked though, such as incredibly enhanced sense of smell, and taste also. Very cool! The drug also works on the dopamine system. I would sometimes get a real rush of pleasure from doing things I never used to enjoy doing, like driving a car recklessly or fast. Also, I found certain visual and aural stimuli very pleasurable, like one time, while driving, I saw the pink glow of the sunrise on a nearby mountain and almost had an accident I was so overcome with the beauty. In general, the side effects were way better than the shortlived therapeutic effects on anxiety. After about 5 months, since the drug was no longer helping me, my doc said to stop taking it. I would advise against that off this drug. I became extremely moody for several weeks and was emotionally volatile, a way I am not normally. So beware when you quit.

I been diagnosed as bipolar I, ultradian cycling. The only medication which has had the affect of stabilizing me is lamotrigine. I was prescribed buspirone for debilitating anxiety and it did not adidas boots football seem to help me in the least. Anxiety affects my sense of smell, can cause vertigo, interferes with normal activities like working, conversation with others and reading. It can literally force me to have to lay down in a quiet space.

The only medications (unfortunately) that have helped are benzodiazepines. Because of concerns about addiction (I am a recovering addict), I moved from alprazolam to clonazepam. I didn recognize it at the time, but it had a generalized effect on my emotional range and my energy levels. I did too quick a taper down from clonazepam and experienced some of the withdrawal symptoms: tremors, sweating, agitation, insomnia and gastric problems.

I have since returned to alprazolam on a PRN basis. I feel fortunate I have no desire to increase the amount or frequency of this medication, as it does alleviate debilitating levels of anxiety. I am currently attempting to deal with the remaining (significant) levels of anxiety through exercise, meditation/relaxation and CBT. I feel like I making progress, but it slow (to my way of thinking) progress and anxiety is still a significant factor in my day to day life.

I was prescibed buspar for 3 weeks after months of anxiety. It was given to me in Egypt for 3 weeks. The doctor combined it with Gingko Biloba and gave it to me for the time I was there only. It worked very well for me as my anxiety was moderate and genral. I have no depression, AHDH or Bipolar. I had no side effects and it gave me the chance to go on with my every day things and enjoy my trip. The doctor also recommanded alot of rest at regular hours, 3 complete meals a day, no cafeine and no liquids after a certain time in the evening so I wouldn wake up. Like I said, it worked very well and helped alot.

I recently went through a divorce. I thought I was doing well but have found that I cannot finish projects (get started, but find I either no longer interested or perhaps, I just afraid of failure who knows) and recently, I cut back on my hours of work.

I just don want to go out, anywhere. I must push myself to take my dog for a walk. I feel like I hiding from life and though I never ben a big time social person, I never cut myself off quite as much as this.

Looking at some of the stories, above, I wondering if Buspar might be something that I could use? However, I am on a 0.5 mg of Alprazolam, prn, and would be frightened NOT to have that available.

Is it possible to take a prn benzodiazipine along with the Buspar?

I have a lump in my throat that the GI doc suspects is from anxiety. I had all the usual tests, and everything came back normal. The doc had me on Klonopin which made me a zombie, and when I stopped taking it ( after one week ), I had all kinds of nasty withdrawal symptoms for superfly mercurial cheap about three weeks. Now I don take anything, but the lump is still there and I can seem to work or enjoy anything. I can eat fine, so that not an issue. I was just wondering if Buspar would be mild enough to not make me a zombie, but work enough to rid me of my lump in my throat and not make me feel like a heroin addict if I have to stop taking it. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

I have had terrible problems with anxiety since I was 16. I am now 24 and have been recently diagnosed as Bipolar Type II. I have tried Zoloft (with and without Wellbutrin) and Abilify (don even think of trying it). Recently, my campus psychiatrist wrote me a Rx for Buspar.

In 4 weeks of taking Buspar twice daily, I have gotten life changing effects from it. The anxiety, especially the first thing in the morning anxiety, has almost completely subsided. It is certainly manageable and I feel FANTASTIC.

I would recommend Buspar for people who deal with regular anxiety that is prolific despite rational thought and adidas boots football therapy. It has given me that edge to get back at every day tasks, to the gym more often, more regular consistent sleep, etc.

As a disclaimer for those of you suffering from Bipolar, especially type II that I am familiar with, this drug HAS NOT helped me with mania. I am still manic on a nearly regular adidas boots football basis, but it doesn interfere with my abilities to be productive (quite the contrary). But the nasty depressive anxiety anxious depression has subsided. Give it a try!

I have just been prescribed Buspirone(Buspar) and am getting ready to start taking it. I have had a very sporadic history of diagnosis. I was in the military from 20052009. First, in 2006 (I was 19 y/o) I was diagnosed mild depression and GAD, I was prescribed Celexa. I didn feel any change on Celexa. They then switched me to Zoloft (2007), I went from minor depressive to major depression, and with it came the thoughts of hurting myself. At that point I was moving duty stations. The next new psychiatrist proscribed Effexor (2008), and they diagnosed me with PTSD (due to childhood trauma). This medication through me into a constant manic state, I did a lot of reckless things on this medication, I had the overwhelming feeling of being almost too happy. Then mid 2009 I got out of the military and seen another therapist and psychiatrist. I also tried to quite the Effexor cold turkey, NOT a good idea, I spent a week with extreme virgo. Then the new Dr put me on Celexa. I was ok on it and it helped me get through the Effexor withdraws. This new doc diagnosed me with Cluster B personality disorder. (2011) I move again, and am now seeing a new therapist and psychiatrist. She tells me that she believes I am slightly bipolar and that maybe the reason the Effexor made me feel the way it did. She also believes that some of the other diagnosis are incorrect ones, except the mild depression and anxiety. So my plan is to only try the Buspar on its own. With my history I am a bit scared to try any other SSRIs or antidepressants. I have also tried CBT in the past and absolutely LOVED everything about it! I hope I will be able to get back into it soon. I will post an update in about 34 weeks on my outcome adidas boots football superfly mercurial cheap.