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Published: Friday 17 November, 2017

Boylan girls basketball game coach Kim Connell has resigned after the best, And quite a few tumultuous, Season of her 12year opportunity. Connell, Named the Class 3A/4A District 10 Coach of the season in March, Averaged 22 gains all the perks at Boylan(258106), This includes a schoolrecord 322 this season. But she also was dogged Nike Magista Opus FG by complaints all season that she had misused funds parents had raised paying summer league expenses. Connell, Who informed her team of her decision wednesday morning, Said she stepped down on her own to seek a higherpaying job in the suburbs and has the interview Friday morning. Understand a lot off the rumors, Connell said thursday, There no truth to any sexual affair allegations. The teachers didn force me. Certainly was me. I need to get back in the suburbs closer to my family.

Rev. Henry Lipinski, Boylan chief, Backed Connell by dismissing parents complaints as being motivated by jealousy. Lisa and Paul McMahon led the grouses. Their simple princess, A some older backup, Played about 10 additional units a game, In part because a quartet of star sophomores earned tremendous playing time. Parent is not happy that their son or daughter is not playing, Lipinski being spoken. Are doing everything they can as a vigilante group to put people out of position merely because want their own way. Ludeke, Mom of allconference center Maria Ludeke, Could not agree. Difference with the money had nothing to do with playing time, She these. Often liked Kim Connell as a coach, But it is really an ethical issue. Said they first voiced concerns last summer when Connell transmitted a letter asking parents to pay $81 for new shoes. The McMahons thought the Lady Titan Nike Magista Opus II FG - Deep Royal Blue/Total Crimson/Chrome Basketball fund was purported to pay for that. Parents of each player made out checks to Lady Titan Basketball totaling $450 to pay for summer tourneys, Runners, Warmups as incidentals. Money the mother and father earned by working at the Winnebago County Fair was also added. The fund was an individual account opened by Connell at least five years ago.