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Bocconi University Semester 2

Football shoes junior hypervenomx ii studying abroad has been an amazing experience and an adventure that I will never forget! Originally I had planned on completing my exchange in South America; however, I struggled to find a university to fit my program requirements in this region and so I chose to study at Bocconi University in Milan after a recommendation from a friend. Although Milan and Bocconi came highly recommended to me, I was still apprehensive and a little bit disappointed that I would not be studying in South America. Now that I have finished my exchange I would not have had it any other way. I am filled with sadness to be leaving the city that I have called home for the last 5 months, a city where I have made unforgettable memories with friends that will last a lifetime.

Bocconi University is the most prestigious university in Italy and is renowned for finance, economics, and law throughout Europe. It was truly an honor to study here and experience a university atmosphere and culture that is so different to UQ. The courses at Bocconi were not more difficult than at UQ but were certainly more challenging than expected and were structured in a way that forced students to look beyond the class slides and the textbook in order to achieve higher grades. Class discussion is a key feature of the learning process at Bocconi and often considered in your final grade. Of the six courses I took I found Valuation to be incompatible with travelling and a social life, you have been warned.

I would greatly recommend signing up for the Italian Language Crash Course that takes place in the first two weeks of your exchange. It was a hypervenomx ii lot of fun and I learned a lot despite already speaking basic Italian before I arrived. Additionally, I met many of my friends during the crash course. The followup course is only advised for those serious about learning the language. It takes place two nights a week for two hours each time and lasts for eight weeks. It is essential that you learn a bit of Italian during your time abroad, not only for your own sanity but also out of respect for the portion of the Milanese people that don speak English and that you will interact with on a daily basis.

Living in Milan is definitely not cheap, but there are many ways to keep yourself hypervenomx ii fed and entertained on a student budget. A Milanese aperitivo is one such way. For between 7 and 10pm, you can choose any drink or cocktail and help yourself to an unlimited buffet of delicious Italian pizza, pasta, and gnocchi, as well as other popular cuisines from around the world. The best aperitivo bars are located in hypervenomx ii the Navigli district (just a 10 minute walk from Bocconi) and are perfect after a long day of classes. My favorites were and and if you are looking for something closer to Bocconi Blu and are great choices just around the corner. Additionally, the ESN (Erasmus Student Network) team at Bocconi is always organizing great nights out with great drink deals. During the semester, ESN also organizes numerous trips around Italy and Europe for exchange students; although, I did not participate in any of the organized trips, I have heard great reviews from friends who did.

For accommodation, I chose to stay in one of the Bocconi student residences. Residences are assigned by student preference, but as I was late to sign up I was given my last preference: Residenza Arcobaleno (Rainbow Residence). Again, I would not have had it any other way despite my initial apprehension. Arcobaleno is located in South Milan and is 25 minutes by tram to the Navigli District and Bocconi on trams number 3 and 15 respectively. It is a further 10 minutes to the city center after Bocconi. Although Arcobaleno is the most inconveniently located residence it makes up for this in many ways: is filled with exchange students from allover the world and has an extremely social environment where it is very easy to make friends. There are Italian students at Arco but they are located on the top floor and tend to stick to themselves. The Spadolini, Dubini, and Bocconi Residences are typically inhabited buy Italian students from around Italy and are much closer to the university, although I have heard from friends who have stayed in these Residences that they are not nearly as social as Arco.

I studied in Milan during Semester 2 (September January) and experienced two extremes in regard to the weather. September is the end of the Italian summer and the weather is beautiful; the temperature averages at about 25 and it is mostly sunny although there are occasional rain showers, so bring/buy a small umbrella. October is much the same as September and things start to cool down. November is the rainiest month and by the end of the month it starts to get very cold. In the last week of November and the month of December temperatures did not exceed 10 and when it snowed it reached as low as a 0/1 for days at a time. So bring your thongs, boardies, and singlets (although in this attire you will stand out in the fashion capital of the world) for the first 2 months but make sure to have the right clothing for the colder months.

Finally travel! Milan is located in the center of northern Italy and is the perfect location for travel around Italy and Europe. A football shoes junior train to Venice is only 2 hours with Verona inbetween the two cities. You MUST plan your travel destinations in advance to take advantage of the weather and seasonal events around Italy and Europe (if you are interested in Oktoberfest book flights and accommodation months in advance). In September (summer) you might consider Rome and Naples in the south of Italy as well as the Italian Riviera (Genova and Cinque Terra), which are just an hour and a half from Milan. Tuscany and the Chianti wine farms should also be done before it gets too cold. Some of my trips around Europe included Paris, Prague, and London in the colder months.

My top 5 tips:

1. Travel as much as you can! Italy/Europe is amazing and most places are at most a twohour flight away.

2. If you don already love coffee this is your chance to change by drinking some of the best coffee in the world. Italians drink coffee all day long and there are coffee bars everywhere you look. Italians typically football shoes junior drink milkbased drinks (cappuccinos and macchiatos) before 10am and don tend to after this time. Do not ask for a latte, this is a glass of milk. An espresso, referred to simply as caf is the Italian drink of choice. Try a corretto before a night out, this is an espresso with a shot of any alcohol.

3. Try to make as many Italian friends as possible if you are keen on learning the language. Surrounding yourself with only exchange students will make this very difficult.

4. On your first day, head to the Duomo, walk into the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuale and take a spin on the Bull Balls, this is an Italian tradition and brings good luck hypervenomx ii.