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How To Lose The Double Chin

Nike magista uk without staying “optimally fit, we may all be subject to the dreaded “Double Chin” especially as we age! You may “inherit” the tendency. I know I do. My dad always had a double chin even at his very thinnest. You may have gained more that just a “few pounds” over the years and beside a midriff bulge, you probably have a double chin too. Many times as I look in the mirror, I have asked; “How Do I Get Rid of My Double Chin,

Don’t believe it? Take this test. Stand in front of a mirror. Turn sideways and tilt your head down toward your chest. With a hand mirror or side mirror, look at your chin area in the mirror. Uh nike magista uk Oh, there it is! How am I going to nike tiempo yellow lose the double chin?

Ok, now what do you do? First, examine your diet. Yes you know that too many calories and too much fat can nike magista uk cause this as well as weight gain. Did you know that recent studies have found that if you eliminate “white” carbs including sugar, you can lose weight and thus lose the double chin too? That means anything white. white bread, pasta, potatoes, rice. As far as sugar consumption goes. check the labels! Avoid Juices, sugar Pop, obviously candy, etc. It doesn’t mean you can NEVER eat any of these things again. Just be sensible about it. especially with the Holidays coming. Don’t overdue it.

Third, you don’t necessarily have excess weight, just a double chin? Have you notice your posture lately? Believe it or not, how you stand, hold yourself, can make a huge difference. Just like your mother told you, stand up straight, hold your head up can sometimes be the small but needed correction you need. Or if you think it is not due to posture, but rather the elasticity in your skin or lack of, there are creams and devices on the market that profess to help “sagging skin, I have seen some products that give dramatic results, however, they are for “mild” cases of problem chin areas.

Are there Facial Exercises to Lose a Double Chin?

I’m glad you asked. YES! There are several exercises you can do. One I love to do also helps to relax you in the evening. You tilt your head as far back as it will go. You will feel the stretch. Keep your head back. Open your mouth and then blow as if you are blowing a feather off your nose. You will feel the intense stretch in your neck muscles. Do this about 10 times in the evening because it can also help relief tension in your neck.

There are also several products on the market that claim to help with wrinkles and double chin. However, you will find that in most cases that you will need a bit of dieting and some special exercises to help tone and redefine your chin and jaw line.

I believe that everyone is happier when they have a better view of themselves. Much of that has to do with self esteem. For many of us trying to lose nike magista uk that double chin can be frustrating, but doing so will help you feel and be your best nike magista uk nike tiempo yellow.