Nike Mercurial Victory VI IC – Blue/Pink/Black/Green Ireland changing between screens is messy

changing between screens is messy

Nike mercurial 6 i bought a USB to VGA adapter for a customer (reasons why here: ).

It took a few hours (mostly because of poor Vista performance, driver upgrades, needing to reboot between uninstall/reinstall/upgrade), but I finally got it working. It’s just new mercurial boots not working in a particularly userfriendly fashion.

The computer is in one room, the project in another, with a bit of VGA cabling built into the walls. The customer also has a piece of kit that allows him to have a cordless keyboard/trackpad allinone in the projector room, so he can control the computer from the other room.

At the best of times, going into display settings and switching to a particular monitor and telling Windows to use it as the primary display, seems to be the best thing to nike mercurial 6 do it gives access to the desktop icons and taskbar. It mostly works. However, sometimes it switches the resolution on the computer screen down to the minimum, and we also end up in a situation where some desktop icons are on one screen, and some on the other. To fix this, I have to keep screwing with the ‘primary monitor’ and nike mercurial 6 ‘extend desktop’ settings until Windows inexplicably decides to put things right again. It also involves dashing between rooms because of the 15 second timer.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem to this before, and is there a consistent way to switch screens that are controlled by different display adapters that an average user can handle with some instructions?

just brew it! wrote:Have you checked to see whether there are driver updates available for the adapter?

That’s how I got it working properly. Initially it wouldn’t give me 1280×720 for the projector, and no amount of custom display resolution hacks made any difference (I went with this tactic because all the latest information for this device, including the manual with the latest driver, didn’t list this particular resolution), and as soon as the new driver went on, it gave me the option for the correct resolution.

cheesyking wrote:Can’t he “auto arrange” his desktop icons get them back on the screen?

If nike mercurial 6 he likes them autoarranged, which I doubt (as I know his approximate icon layout)

End of the day though, what you’re doing is a hack and I don’t think it’s ever going to be new mercurial boots that satisfactory.

Yep, that’s my feeling about it. When I was looking for an adapter for the job, it didn’t fill me with confidence when the SiS chipset in this adapter was mentioned.

I’d either have a dedicated PC on the projector or run the projector as a second monitor on new mercurial boots the existing machine and use a laptop or something to remote control it from the projector room.

The odd thing is that he has a laptop, but I guess he wanted this capability from that desktop (I made it clear that it worked fine from the laptop), which isn’t going to go into the front room at any point soon nike mercurial 6.