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Published: Friday 24 March, 2017

2 mile a decent start Keep it up. I disagree. I think a half mile is a great start. I think anything this side of just buying some good shoes and a copy of a running mag is a good start. I like running. (Not so much in the summer but I live in NC where its really hot) I think the simple fact that you went outside and ran is a step in the right direction. Now lets work on increasing your distance. 1. Get decent shoes Nike sucks. Dont buy into their marketing or the whole my shoes talk to my ipod crap. For me its a toss between Brooks and Mizuno. 2. You made a half mile. Stick with it for 2 more days. Take a day off. Go for 3/4 the next time. Lather rinse and repeat with an added 1/4 mile. 3. Get some tunes that inspire you to push on. Jam them while you run. no Gordon Lightfoot or Hank Williams Nike Kids Mercurial Superfly V Radiation Flare FG - Electric Green/Black/Ghost Green Sr. Go with peppy. 4. Take a look at those two boys of yours. Wanna see them get old one day? Thats a good motivator. 5. I am going to take a marathon prep course at the YMCA. I will forward any tips I get. 6. Find a running buddy. Find one that is stronger then you. Mirror their efforts. Originally Posted by mom2twoboyz I know it's kinda lame to all the big time runners, but I have been working up to running by doing cardio every day to build up my stamina, and I tried to run for the first time today and could only get 1/2 mile. I'd like to work towards a 5K, so I'm not gonna quit, just wondering. Well it's farther than I got! When I first started jogging I couldn't get 1/4 mile! But, I kept at it. I would jog as far as I could and walk the rest like Malkore said. You really need to maintain a good heartrate to get the cardiovascular benefits, and that's going to help you run further over time. Basically you're going for 20 minutes total. Start by just walking for 2 minutes. Then up the pace just a little, for another 2 minutes. Keep upping the pace until you're at a solid dead run for 2 minutes, around the 8 9 minute mark. then dial the intensity back down to a good walk. repeat the progression again, and save the last 2 minutes (minutes 18 and 19) for more walking to kind of cool down. this should get you over 1 mile total, and give your body some good cardio and aerobic exercise. with your run endeavor let's cover a couple of quick things. stretching. you have martial arts experience and understand dynamic verses static. for tonight and any tempo, speed drills etc. we want to warm your calves up, before you start launching. but do not stretch them. note: I am telling you my thought and what works.

if masquitos, know it alls, or even other experienced runners come around, I will not debate with them. I run on average 30 50 miles per week injury free. That does not mean I know it all, but it does mean I AM NOT CHANGING MY THOUGHTS, due to some person on a forum. Strretching whether your legs are tight, sore, strong, loose, whatever NEVER stretch before you run. we stretch ofter we run, or we stretch seperate from running all together. Form we will work on as we go along. but keep your head up, pinch your shoulders just a touch, hold your arms in control, but loose, hands as if you could keep a butterfly in there, and look out about 5 feet for now. Strike how you foot hits the ground. heal initiates and almost slides into a mid outer foot strike rolling to the ball as it begins to lift into the nest stride. Nike Mercurial Superfly V Kids Ground Pound if you are hitting the ground at all, you are pounding it. you are a BB, heavy, and strong. Running is "sleek, gliding, smooth" think those words as you run. THIS IS A BIG ONE shin splints, knees, hips, neck everything at risk. hearing your steps, vision bouncing, trying to look all peppy PR's. WE are opening veins, breathing, and loosening up your ankles. then come back and tell all about the experience. OH, and ask me what to think about when you get bored. LOL!