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Published: Monday 27 March, 2017

9 things to know about Ohio We found them stocking the shelves at the Colerain Avenue Walmart with extra school items. They also plan to bring in extra employees this weekend, just like during Thanksgiving week. Walmart is expecting a flood of shoppers for sales tax holiday, based on Walmart's experience in Tennessee, Florida, and other states with similar weekends. 2. Shop Friday for the bulk of your school shopping. Shopper Erica Lee is ready. "I think it's great," she said. "I'm from Missouri and they've been doing that for years. It helps with school supplies, the shoes, the clothes, everything." Carla Earlywine is planning to hit the stores Friday Nike Hypervenom Phantom III 3 DF FG morning. Good idea, as popular Disney and licensed merchandise is expected to be gone soon. (See 7 below) 3. The savings start at Midnight. This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday August 7th, 8th, and 9th you can shop tax free for many school items. 4. Know what qualifies for the tax break. Colerain Township Walmart store manager Brad Terry says most of their back to school section, including backpacks, will be tax free. "These are $9.88 opening price points," he explained. "We have Frozen, Batman, Cinderella for back to school, and they are tax free as well." So what qualifies for a tax break? Clothing items priced $75 or less.

School supplies $20 or less. Here's the best part: there is no limit on how many $20 items you can buy. So you can walk up to the cashier with $200 or more of supplies, and you won't get charged sales tax, as long as each item costs $20 or less. "There's no total basket item," Terry said. So if you spend $100 on merchandise, you will save between $6.50 and Nike Hypervenom Football Boots in sales tax, depending on which county you live in. 5. Sorry, no computers or tablets. Because this is Ohio's first ever tax holiday, lawmakers were conservative in making their list, and decided to keep it simple at least this time. That means more expensive things like laptops are not included, unlike Florida, where computers up to $750 are eligible for the tax break. 6. Know what is not eligible for a tax break. Before you end up disappointed, you should know what is not eligible for a tax break. Computers iPads Phones costing more than $20 Printers Expensive gym shoes costing more than $75 (which includes most current year Nike shoes). So don't shop for a laptop this weekend, unless you like dealing with big crowds. You may want to wait until next week, when the crowds go home. 7. Get there early for licensed merchandise. Terry suggests if you want popular licensed merchandise, such as Disney's Frozen, Star Wars or Minions items, shop Friday morning, or they may be gone. Minions lunch boxes and folders are especially popular right now, even before the tax holiday started.