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Published: Monday 25 April, 2016

QPR striker DJ Campbell released for two months Club head physio Nigel Cox has confirmed the striker's injury will administer Nike Elastico Superfly operating on, Which will see Campbell have a surgical procedure on Thursday. 'We have found a stress fracture in the fifth forefoot of his left foot,' he ordered the club. 'The fracture doesn't actually go during the bone, So it isn't a fracture in the truest sense of the definition, It is an increased amount a crack. 'The benefit of that is it means there is certainly some partial weight-Displaying, So DJ can put weight on the foot from the first day.

Luxury Nike Mercurial Superfly Turf Football Shoes - Black/White

Once he is away from the boot, And assuming he is pain-free, We will push on the treatment from there. Yet, As the employer said, For an injury of this nature looking at a timescale of six to eight weeks before the player can resume full training.Or Campbell's injury are a wide blow for the west Londoners, Who have lagged for goals since their return to the top flight. Warnock's aggravations were visible after the home draw with Nike Mercurial Superfly Turf Football Shoes - Black/White Blackburn, Where he revealed his fury at 'stupid' lightweight football boots worn by other brands Campbell. 'I realize its these stupid boots, They're like carpet house house shoes,' he explained. 'Don't talk with me about these boots. 'You can't ban people once they prefer it, But I think they are absolutely stupid boots to wear at the level we're referring to. This helps you no support at all, But that is football,