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Published: Wednesday 12 April, 2017

and an Angry Diner Pacific Northwesterners today . Yay! Nike Mercurial Vapor XI AG In other weather news: probably you don't need another reason to avoid moving to the midwest, but tornados. Are you eating hummus for breakfast? Is it made by Sabra? You should stop eating and go here to see if you might get Listeria. There's been a lot of talk in Portland lately about Uber's return, with taxi companies worrying about losing business to the ride sharing giant. Turns out there's an untapped market out there: teens. Apparently it's Former Nike employee Kyle Yamaguchi, convicted for his part in a sneaky sneaker caper, will face a federal judge today for sentencing.

Yamaguchi is not only a thief, apparently, he's also a traitor, providing investigators with a binder full of "colored tabs and choked with evidence, including emails and a spreadsheet of illegal transactions," according to the Oregonian. dire warning about climate change. Owners of Portland's Enzo's Italian Restaurant settled with the angry woman who said they were mean to her on Valentine's Day when she showed up to dine alone. The restaurant Nike Mercurial Vapor XI AG - Pink/White/Black Outlet owners say Kathleen Hampton guzzled two glasses of red wine and stiffed them for the bill. Neither party can talk because they both signed hush agreements as part of an undisclosed settlement. Seems like a lot of Portlanders are on board with high density housing development, unless those high rises inconvenience them in any way. In a related topic, I'm just going to leave this piece claiming that gentrification has more "destructive power than Aids, crack, crime and arson" right here. Looks like Pres. Obama is following suit with Oregon and banning conversion therapy for LGBT kids. This seems like such a no brainer that I can't even offer congrats, but it's still news. Good morning!