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Published: Friday 07 July, 2017

Biker caught with fearful two He was also banned from driving for 18 months and ordered to do 180 hours unpaid area work. The find out told him: Now realise this was truly foolish behaviour. It was dangerous behaviour and put the child life extremely at risk. Provided, Because the prompt action of those nearby, No harm was in fact sustained by the small child. Exactly how you spoke to the officers at the scene showed a truculent attitude. Bob Bennett, Prosecuting, Said a police patrol were alerted by a afraid mother to Parkinson who was riding his 100cc bike in Town End, Beverage, Inside 6.40 pm on June 1 with a child sat on the petrol tank. Mr Bennett had to talk about: Followed him and saw him with a small Nike Magista Kids toddler astride the bike just behind the fuel tank. One officer had a camera and captured pics of what they saw. Child had no helmet or shoes and was visibly distressed and held out his arms to the feminine officer when she approached, As shown at a photographs. Defendant told the police the reason the child was upset was because he had dropped his dummy and hubby was just giving him a ride.

Officers say he was laughing as they asked him about the potential health risks to the child and gave dismissive replies. When he was told he would be reported he said couldn care less Bennett said a neighbour took charge of your youngster, Who was unscathed. Parkinson was not showed and went into the witness box at Exeter Crown Court to explain himself. He was quoted saying: Did not realise how much of an idiot I had been or how much danger I was putting the child in. Do dirtbike and normally take children on the bike when I am in a field. That night I just went up the path. I normally go down a little alley way and he gets off in the bottoom but this is with the engine not running. Boy gives you a helmet but it was indoors. He has his own moto cross bike. He didn have anything on his feet while he was ready for bed. I was manipulating the bike in the normal way. He was holding on and I was holding him between my legs with him sat next to me. Nike Kids Magista Obra II FG Spoke to the authorities like that because I was distressed and agitated and thought they were belittling me. I now see that is not the way I should have talked to them and that they were focused on the child. Is definately doing anything like this ever again. I don let children sit in top of my car any more.