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Published: Monday 10 July, 2017

Lithium batteries Effective January 1, 2008 lithium batteries were required to be carried in carry on bags and not checked luggage. Lithium batteries are common in cameras, cell phones, Nike Magista Obra II and some laptops. If the batteries are already in these items and secured, they can be can be carried on as is. Spare batteries can be carried in your carry ons with some limitations. Get more information on lithium batteries. Cell phones, laptops, oversized electronics These must be taken out and put through the X ray scanner at the security check point. For laptops, take them out of any laptop bags to be examined. Label your laptop with contact information in case it gets lost. Other items that will need to be examined include DVD players, video game consoles, video cameras.

Do not wrap gifts While Christmas gifts are Nike Magista Obra II FG - Black/Red essential for many people traveling during the holidays, wait until you get to your destination to wrap them. Wrapped gifts in carry on or checked luggage may need to be unwrapped. This may cause your wait time (and that of others) in the security line to be even longer. "It's gotta be the shoes!" This once catchy phrase for Michael Jordan's Nike shoes was humorously declared to be the reason behind his amazing ability and dunks. However, your shoes through an airport security line will not get you anywhere. Take them off and place them in the bins before you get to the X ray machine. If you do, one thing you will have in common with Michael Jordan you will be much quicker for it. Prohibited items There are a number of prohibited items that you are not allowed to carry on. Firearms, knives, and firecrackers are obvious. However, check this list before you go to decrease the amount of time you spend in line having your stuff inspected, confiscated, or thrown away.