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Published: Monday 17 July, 2017

Beijing 08 Blogs from The Sydney Morning Herald The IOC would really prefer you didn China communist party bosses would probably throw you in the cell too if you made much of a fuss about it. And anyway, the Games are a couple of weeks of laughter and forgetting. Of bright teary eyes on gold medal winners, of unexpected heroes, giant storms in little tea cups, scandals of the day, triumphs in adversity, clichs rampant, metaphors gone wild and a giddy, head spinning indulgent rush for those of us who live in countries rich enough and technologically adept enough to scoop up most of the lolly. The Games are a safely contained off leash area for the wild dogs of nationalism. Personally, I am so looking forward to us laying a whole heap of gold medal smackdown on Malaysia. It even better than at the Commonwealth Games because more people are watching and they actually care. And there the rub for Beijing. Or at least for China ruling party. Everybody is watching. And they actually care. It what makes the Games such a good thing, in spite of the doping, the fixing, the commercialism, the corruption and the synchronized swimming. People watch and they care and they have a great time. There will be some orchestrated good times in Beijing. Some great times, even. Nobody doubts China ability to organise and manage the Games. But there were great times in Athens too, and nobody could doubt the Greek inability to pull off the gig in good order. In the end, in Athens, it didn matter. A bit of ouzo, a bit of Zorba, some high spirited drunken plate smashing and table dancing and we all had a good time. But can the Chinese government let people have a good time? Can they let go of their inner control freak and let people dance on the tables? Let run wild, and free? Their neurotic obsession with the minutiae of the events media controls suggest otherwise. They want to bathe in the glow of the world attention, but they don want that attention wandering off topic. It be interesting. The world greatest control freaks with the whole world to control. At a guess, if these games are great, both off field and on, it have more to do with the charm and friendliness and natural ebullience of the Chinese punters than their oppressive overlords. Let's just be completely frank: I lived in China for 30 years before I came to Australia and eventually call here home, so I know how hard it is being a Chinese living in China. Also I was 19 when I was in Tian An Men square in 1989, not on the night of 4/6 though, so I experienced what you guys know from TV, it's a big difference. No wonder a lot of people don't like CCP, me neither. But how many of you mix the CCP with the common Chinese people, like mums and dads and just like you. So it's such a shock to read Zoltan's pray to have a major earth quake before the Olympic, honestly, just speechless. Because mother nature can't punish the CCP, but rather ordinary people. So let's be frank again, if you really pray for any major disaster, how about a nuclear war between nations has nuclear weapons? Becasse after a that, there will be a Nuclear Winter and everyone will DIE include you Zoltan. Talk about control freaks! Turns out our good friends at the PSB have discovered a much more PR friendly way of shutting down events they don't approve of just cut the electricity! Nice work very impressive! Point in case yesterday my friends and I take a stroll thru the lovely polluted haze to The Boat, a funky bar in a boat on a moat (canal) in downtown Sanlitun to watch the "first ever Mainland China screening" of "China Blue" (a documentary from 2005 which has been shown all over the world about jeans manufacturing in China). We get about 10 minutes into the film and just as it gets to showing the undercover footage of dodgy working conditions in factories producing for Levi's jeans and WalMart et al. BOOM! the electricty goes out. Management scurries to check the fuze box and try to figure out whats going on. punters wait patiently in the dark for the power issue to be fixed and to get back on with the doco (it was just getting to the good stuff). Foreigners who have lived here awhile start Nike Mercurial Superfly V Kids to finish up their drinks (myself included been here 4 years thus far) and plan to head out as we know the electricity won't be coming back on anytime soon. I start to giggle at all the newbies who sit around patiently really thinking that it is just a simple electrical problem. the power outage was not an accident duhhhh. But kudos to the PSB for their non confrontational style of censorship! Much much more polite than raiding the bar and freaking everyone out!

Your last comment is so true. the people of the PRC are pretty awesome by and large. They probably know better than we do how much their own government sucks. look at the figures 1.3 billion people v party members of 70 million. 95% of the populace with no real say v 5% who are really happy with status quo. Nike Kids Mercurial Superfly V CR7 Champions FG - Red/Gold Sale On a side note, on the grapevine here its been reported that bars open in bejing during the games that they wont serve anyone of african ethnic origin. Should make the Sanlitun bereft of any hot Cuban or kenyan runners,. sadly What this commentary said is 100% spot on. The CCP will not tolerate anything that has not been planned for in advance and is completely under their control. Not at such an important event anyway. Beijing has been shut down, all the clubs and bars are closed. No one can argue about that, that's what they have done. Plain and simple, black and white, no non scripted fun during the Olympics is allowed. All you brianwashed Chinese who just want to defend your government because its 'your' government, well, you're the reason all these problems in China exist and why development is stunted, because you blindly support the people who make stupid decisions. Maybe in 20 years when its too late you will realise it, while I laugh at you saying "I told you so". Hell, reporters are not even allowed to interview anyone on the street that hasn't been pre approved by the CCP without a CCP representative present. I would dismiss Zoltan's words as some random spray of drunken anger with good humour. However this also reflects the poison of our one sided media portray of the modern day communist China. Zoltan, for your benefit, China is far from a evil empire that the likes of CNN want us to believe, it's a far more westernised than you thought, yet flawed, one party country. Just speak to the students studying here you will realise this once red commie country has a very sophisticated new generation of forward thinking and open minded youngsters. China's main problem is corruption and wealth disparity, but our Bob Carr will find them in good company. I've had a good laugh reading the baseless arguments written in broken english by the scores of nationalist muppets you seem to have incited. I refer them, and you to the following BBC news video regarding Chinese people being evicted from their home for Olympic constructions. Here you can watch Chinese people being brutally beaten because they refuse to leave their homes in Beijing because the government wants to demolish them and build flower beds.