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Published: Wednesday 18 May, 2016

Prosecution highlights disparity in Jason Young testimony Rich Spivey on the stand today, Howard Cummings, Wake County's chief admin district attorney, Focused on says Young made about his activities shortly before midnight at a Virginia hotel, About a shirt he wore at his daughter's third celebration, Months after his wife's killing, And about his budget during a 2008 custody battle with his in-Laws and regulations. Young is charged with murdering his wife, Mrs. Young, During the early hours of Nov. 3, 2006. She was 29 and nearly 20 weeks pregnant back then. Young claimed in a June trial that ended with a jury deadlocked 8-4 for acquittal that he did not kill Nike Turf Football Shoes his wife or have almost everything to do with her death. The medical software salesman said he was in a va Hampton Inn, About 160 kilometer after kilometer from Raleigh, Getting ready to make business calls north and west of there. Prosecutors contend he made the trip from the resort in pre-Dawn hours back to his suv Wake County home, Slain his wife, Then returned to va for business. Young testified in June 2011 that he checked into the Hampton Inn approximately one hour before midnight, Went along to his room on the fourth floor, Watched the end of a football game and then went to the lobby looking for a newspaper to check some scores, Then later to his car to fire a cigar.

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In images captured by video security camera systems, Spivey noticed that Young had a newspaper in his hand while seen at the front desk. Young testified that he propped his hotel door room open so he probably couldn't need a key, Then propped exterior hotel doors open, Much, So he could return inside with not a key. Young said hello was windy when he smoked his cigar, Experiencing financial distress to keep it lit. Spivey remarked that it was 34 degrees outside the night, But it was windy with speeds recorded at nearly 20 miles-per-hour and gusts of 31 miles-per-hour. Spivey also read account from Young that he ceded custody of his daughter Cassidy in late 2008 to his sister-Present when-Law and new mum-Throughout-Legislation, Just, Because he did not have enough money to keep fighting them in court. But Spivey said an assessment several bank, Pension and 401K accounts in Young's name showed he had access to nearly Nike Mercurial Superfly Turf Football Shoes then. Spivey also pointed out right after in two shirts one that prosecutors show him wearing on Nov. 2, 2003, After checking into the Hampton Inn hotel and one that his attorneys showed during his testimony from his daughter's third celebration in March 2008. The collars will vary, Spivey stated, As was the freezer and color. Prosecutors contend detectives never found the shirt he was wearing Nov. 2, 2003, That Young discarded it after killing his wife. Defense attorneys contend the prosecution's theory does not option, That Young did not have sufficient time to commit the violent attack that his wife suffered, Incur no harm and track no blood into his white Ford Explorer.