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Published: Monday 29 January, 2018

If you write about subjects hardly anyone cares about, such as a personal blog on what you eat for breakfast every day, your sad break up poetry, or how the guy next door needs to refill his bird feeder, no one is going to Google for that or really even want to read about it. If you write about things which are helpful to people, such as solutions to life problems how to do things, how to make things, how to fix things these types of articles do Nike MagistaX Proximo II well for me. Or, do you have a hobby or career which others find interesting or useful? Do you know the best places in your state for trout fishing or bird watching? How about the best places to eat lunch in Memphis? The best mountains to climb for a beginner? Have you tried many different models of running shoe but have finally found the perfect one? Do you have some great tips for effectively dealing with your autistic child school administrators?Another big part of earning at HubPages is to build up your account with plenty of articles.

Google seems to like accounts with a good number of pages, say at least 40 50, or more. I earned pennies at first, but once I got up to about 50 or 60 articles, the views seemed to snowball. Right now it has leveled out as far as views and earnings.Writing at HubPages takes work, a certain amount of interest or expertise in at least a few subjects, patience and also luck. Finding a niche that is not already overdone by others can be difficult; so can waiting for your account to gain some steam. WebAnswers is great for immediate gratification, and I love watching my AdSense grow throughout the day. HubPages takes time, but once you arrive at a decent monthly income, you can sit back and let it roll in every month without constantly activity, like on WebAnswers or Bubblews.One last tip: be sure to give your articles titles that are basically what a Google user would type into the search bar. But, if you write one article a day, then it will add up very quickly. The key is to make articles you enjoy and like yourself.If you like them, then a lot of other people will too. That was Peter Jackson philosophy while making films. He made films that he liked and other people liked them too. I think the same applies everywhere in life.If you write what you know and love and write a lot, then you will make a few hundred dollars and a lot more on Hubpages. It is still a very good site and I think it is the best paid article writing site online. Good luck if you do it.I just started using HubPages and I LOVE it. I like writing and I like getting to read what people think of my writing. So I just curious, does anyone make a good amount of money off of HubPages? And if so,. Nike MagistaX Proximo II DF IC - Black/White/Hyper Crimson/Bright Crimson I am curious how those who are the very margins.