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Published: Monday 12 March, 2018

Black widows typically live in your garage or your basement. They prefer dark, sheltered corners where they can spin their tangled webs and wait for the moths and other insects that make adidas ACE 17+ Purecontrol FG - Core Black/Green up their diet. Black widows do not want you messing with them in fact, they view any interaction with you as a threat to their very existence. This is why the spiders will bite you it's the only means of self defense that they have. Black widows live where you typically don't go, so you'll only encounter them when you're cleaning out a garage, or reaching into a dark corner of a basement. So be careful! Make sure you can see where you're putting your hand, and chances are pretty slim that a black widow will get her fangs into your flesh. Black Widow Biology What Makes a Spider a Spider?Black Widow identification begins with a question: What defines a spider?

Spiders are a kind of Arthropod, a huge group of animals that includes water dwelling organisms like crabs and shrimp as well as all insects, including butterflies and moths. Spiders form a subset called "arachnids." They are separated from the closely related insects by several feature: spiders have eight legs instead of six, two body sections instead of 3, most spin webs with a special organ called a "spinneret" located at the tip of the abdomen, and ALL spiders are venomous. The venom of most spiders is only effective against the small invertebrates that they feed on, but a few have poison that can hurt vertebrates like humans. His only real reason to exist is to impregnate the female, and once Adidas ACE 17+ Purecontrol that's accomplished he becomes just another meal. While this may seem cruel and is the source of the Black Widow's common name it is actually a perfectly rational survival mechanism developed through millions of years of evolution. After all, when food is survival, and the male is no longer needed, the solution is obvious.