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Published: Wednesday 03 August, 2016

Kids' Shoes With Wheels a hazard I fault the oldsters who complain about the injuries, If they are stupid enough to buy them with no knowledge of what they are, Shame to them. My son is on his 2nd set of two, I was not willing to buy the first pair, But keep and eye out and he knows where he can exactly where there is he cannot heely. As for safety hardware or infrastructure, Yes you should although I never wore a bike helmet growing up, We slept on the back window of cars going on vacation or stretched out at the back of a station wagon and now kids ride Skateboards down stairs. Can happen, Kids will be kids and they hurt, Thats why you have insurance coverage coverage and if your smart Aflac. Heelys are no worse than roller skates or roller blades or bikes or skate boards or jogging or motorcycling or driving a vehicle. Stop depriving them of a childs fun and if they get hurt, Well i mean life, DON'T give these footwear a bad name because a few kids had accidents on them. My grandaughter has two pairs and she will keep having fun while on her heelys. Sorry for individuals been injured but I just fell the other day jogging down the mall in Washington DC, Now I am surly not going to start this crap that those who jogg need to stop because it's dangerous and I am sure there are THOUSANDS of jogging accidents per year Do we start a movement to stop jogging and articles on how bad it is for the knees and hips and the feet get a life and let the kids enjoy growing up with their heelys. Amen, Mary Bleckley! Kids will break bones regardless of type of shoe they are wearing. Maybe we must outlaw all wheeled toys, Sports stuff, Skate boards, Curler blades, Or anything else. Throughout reality, Let's pass a law that has to have all children to be placed in a big plastic bubble so they don't get injured. As far as kids Heely'ing in shops, I have to agree that perhaps that's not the place for their services. At the same time, Of all my happenings in stores, Really easy to implement say that its usually just the rude, Inpatient, People who bump and knock into me without any 'excuse me's'. I weren't a victim of a Heely'er yet. All I know is acquire son and nephew absolutely love them. It keeps them hectic and burning energy. I continues to purchase them for my own family and as gifts. This is why mts, I consider you. You didnt do wheelies on the mall, Nike UK Football Boots Or endos in a mall. You went open air, With your other derelict friends and played you against nature. These footwear are worn inside and at great risk to not only the wearer but the public as well. Its only a matter of time. Kids can and will do all kinds of dangerous stuff at the mall whether have wheels on their heels. If they dont have a good sense of balance/direction then the parents should recognize and not allow them to wear the shoes.

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I've seen many kids wearing wheelies and they only go about 5 mph. Nike Hypervenomx Proximo If they run into you they're morelikely to hurt they are than hurt you. It's exactly a similar thing as a kid walking/running too fast in the mall. They may only be going 5 miles an hours if the run into most people they might not hurt them. But I can tell you from experience that Kids do not pay any attention to who or what is around them any time they are skirting around corners and in an out of people. I personally have a neurological movement disorder and have great difficulty navigating around. When these kids dart in and out of people it can be very dangerous to people who have difficulty getting around. I could have a neon sign on my head and it they would not notice me or dodge me. I do my best to keep alert of them in malls and stores but when they come up from behind I cannot seem to see them comming. I have fallen before with this. It like a Hit And Run in the supermarket, Me and whatever results in my way when I fall comes tumbling down. I'm not on the grounds that Kids can't be Kids but PARENTS YES I MEAN PARENTS, Talk to children, If you must encourge them to Heeley wherever they may want to, You could at least tell them about the unfor seen hazards they create while using their fun. They could at least stop to see if the person they have run down is OK they can also be so polite at to see if they could help pick up the mess they created. Can't a person with a disability benefits at least feel safe in the Grocery Story, WAAH WAAH WAAH WAAH WAAH WAAH WAAH! Good suffering, I've never heard so many whiners ordinary small forum. Can't stand it? Make an online purchase! Things are changing, Shoes changes. You want something to whine about concerning public venues? How about all the non english speaking employees that can't offer careers because of the language barrier? How about all the non deodorant wearing middle easterners whose smell offends me so bad i wish to gag? Let's start a new forum as this one is getting old! Heely's signal, Recover from it!