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Published: Thursday 17 November, 2016

Inside Brianna Lee's condominium First seaside News The city of the town of jacksonville, FL Her story has touched the hearts of people here on the First Coast and everywhere in the world. Two year old Brianna Lee survived by herself for 19 days eating butter and uncooked pasta, And apparently drinking toilet water. In the living space, A single two of kids shoes. On a close wall, Scenes of Brianna and her parents during happier times. Moving in to your kitchen, Attorney Rodney Gregory detailed what he saw. Gregory pronounced, "We do have broken glass. You might napkins. A broken bathroom kitchen. A hard to open icebox which is clear and clean, The only thing in the fridge was a jug with barely a small amount of water. In your master bedroom, There has more filth. Dakeysha Lee's attorney Nike Hypervenom Phinish FG Neymar X Jordan - Blue/Silver/White at law said, "I then came back here and saw what must have been a pig sty.

I also saw unique that clearly did not make sense, On the ground, Dried ketchup near the telly set was found. Through it, There are your your child's toys scattered among canned goods and food like rice and uncooked pasta. Gregory suggested, "And really the child, Depending on father, Was soaking in this blue bassinet, Sitting down here naked, Watching television, Glued to the cartoon networking system, The mother's bed have also been unrecognizable. Gregory discussed, "You have pans and pots which are not light things. They seem to be unused, Next to your bed, Have been also feces from the child. But Lee's attorney says there are things via apartment that don't add up. Brianna's room seemed fresh since her mother's arrest. So was her mom's dresser, Which sits just off your master bedroom where Brianna was found. Nike Hypervenom Phinish They are simply all signs, Lee's attorney at law says, That someone else could have been with the child. Next, Detectives say they have no doubt the child was for the apartment for three weeks by herself. There is also no evidence leading police to believe that Ogden Lee, The youngsters father, Stopped at the place during those three weeks. Brianna's mother has not charged with child abuse in this case. The State Attorney's office says it will be some time before they're ready to achieve that. A bond hearing could be held in a few days to release Dakeysha Lee from jail.