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Published: Wednesday 20 April, 2016

Question 5 I want to tell you guys a story about a friendship regarding the insects and the flowers. One appealing day, A orange butterfly flys round the field. Immediately, The butterfly hears yet another is crying. The orange butterfly follow the sound to see the little purple flower. Doesn 'd like, The butterfly fly and land near the poor purple flower and pacify. And the purple flower tell it story to orange butterfly. The purple flower can find the whold beatyful sky, That too short and the other tall leaves blocking it view. It only only a little and weak purple flower, So it can do one thing. Feel sorry for the limited one, The orange butterfly hype Nike Tiempo Legend 6 FG Football Boots - Black/Blue to help the purple flower. After proverb it words, The butterfly use all it power to move the grass away for the insufficient flower. Right at this moment on, The little purple flower can sees the attractive blue sky. Finish the whole shebang, Heaven is raining, The stream make the butterfly weak, So it may fly.

Nike Tiempo Legend 6 FG Football Boots - Black/Blue

See the one that make my wish come tru in danger, The limited flower, Cover the butterfly by using leaves, So your butter doesn wet. And on the, They become best friend to one another. Always help when yourself need help. The top! Posted in issue 5 March 2011 1 Comments Currently, If there is no colors than everything just seem like white and black. The wonder create by what we see everyday, Mostly uncover 12 different colors. Some are bright a lot of are dark. Some may feel hot a lot of feel cold. Go over time, I should say also change my view about colors. I learn stuffs about it. For here, I find out the best color is orange. Sure, Each color has it own way of psychological significance for something. Like red is for wining, Pink is perfect love, Green for laughter, Blue for anticipation, And the like. Nike Tiempo Legend 6 FG I love the color orange because it fit my own character. Orange indicate joyful, Happiness and fantasizing. I don know about what you guy find details that give different meaning to color. Afterward it fine. Everyone has different view and knowledge about stuff. Right, Come home my topic. I select orange, Absolutely it fit me. And as a rule, It genuinely bright and warm color. It give me the that in every summer, I get to spend more time with my family and my friend on the mountain with a lot of red and orange trees. Orange is large that always give me the peaceful feeling not like other colors. I don stated that other colors are bad. But it just generally me, Orange is to the one color. Actually everyone loves all the colors. Orange will be chosen one, Happens because it show the most character, World health organization am I.