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Published: Wednesday 22 February, 2017

Do you think get extra wide fitting kids shoes I took my 8 year old son to Clarks for some new trainers week, And he needed an H width apt. Clarks (And as a result Clinkards) Didn't have a single footwear for women in his size in an H fitting.Our issue is, His current trainers are starting to look rather unethical and we need shoes NOW. The Clarks manager informed me that they can't order shoes in regardless that their warehouse is only in Rotherham. I'm really dismayed with Clarks because although we have never been able to choose a shoe for him, They often managed to find one style to fit.I'm beginning think that he may need bespoke shoes, And i am not sure I can afford them. Has anyone any tips and hints?I really feel for everyones son, As this was a concern we had when my daughter was a littlie. There were about three or four other children with problem at the time.It was such as relay from Peter Lords, If you want to actually Coles, That can Saxone, Etc as we all galloped from one shop to, Trying to be first to arrive all in search of a simple footwear for women!Small boy to aunt"But Nike Kids MercurialX Proximo II TF - Orange/Black/Blue I can't have red sandals resorts, mummy, An additional boys will tease me" Mom to small boy"It's either red sandals resorts or socks, Favorite, You decide on". As for spark Toes, I've never heard of it which is to be another one to add to my list. With thanks. Enhance, He isn't bothered by he wears(Much to the disgust of my good friend who has very choosy girls), So the lack of a choice has never worried him up to now. I dread teenage though!I've never got word of Twinkle Toes at Woodseats either, Location is it?I just had a reflection, Does Miss Kantor of Sharrowvale Road seriously do shoes? There used to be a couple of branches called Clever Clogs. I had an odd response from Clarks when I wrote to them for advice. I used told,Caused by a systems upgrade our telesales facility will be unavailable until further notice. Because of this our stores are unable to place orders consumers. I can only apologise for any disruption that this may cause you but this upgrade is essential for our business to move forward in todays world,I wonder how long you need to to upgrade? And how difficult is it for the shop to ring through to the warehouse in Rotherham to keep these things throw a couple of H fitting shoes in with the next delivery? I am really disappointed with the organization apparent lack of cusomer care.However plus side, I decided(Yet all over just as before) To Meadowhall and the girl who served us was lovely and that you had his size in. My son got the personal cross runners he really liked a first for him!Maybe one such bit late for the OP, But for future referrals.The only other spot for Clark shoes is the big outlet in Doncaster. Once a little while, I go there with family member, And see what stock they possess. You can always ring up and ask whether they have certain stocks before you head to the stores.Nice that Bago, I've regularly bought shoes personally there, But I've never known them have an H fitting kids shoeThe girl in Clarks told me that there was some talk of producing an I fitting shoe, Which may be ideal for my son, But i'm not holding my breath!I have just had the frequent problem with my 20 month toddler, He is a H fitting and john Lewis and clarks had free wide enough for his foot.

We went to Twinkle Toes in fulwood but they barely had one pair whcih again wasn't right for his foot, So we took him to Clever Cloggs at predators bar, They bhad 2 pairs that's suitable, Hence we've got a pair to fit, We did go to Nike MercurialX Kids Clever cloggs for first shoes for both of my children and kids and staff were great then and now. It got so bad that he had to go to a wedding dressed in suit and tie but scruffy trainers because we could find not fit. He is now 13 in a wide 11 but they are not more readily found either. We used to become a clark factory shop in Beeston near Nottingham. How to start if it is there now. Hint to locating a good fit is draw round childs feet using a piece of cardboard under their foot, A cereal packet will make. Cut out the foot shapes and slip them into the shoe to see if there is enough width. Stops you having an edgy child while you try seriously to find a pair that fits. They were a real life saver to me when I was in school because they make shoes in definite widths, Not really"Recurring" Together with"Looks bigger" Like all the other programs. Though on reviewing their site apparently the children's shoes do only come in Medium and Wide. While using website too, They're with quite a few places in Sheffield(Just looked it up as I am searching for replacements for my old 620s which disintegrated last winter after nearly 7 years).