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Published: Friday 03 March, 2017

Goers enjoy an epic nights dancing Usa company Bluemouth Inc has brought its show Dance Marathon to the city for this year's Norfolk and Norwich Festival, And last night showgoers put their dancing shoes on and had fun illustrates dance floor with the cast at Epic Studios in Norwich. The tv series, Which is held by the Evening News, Runs until wed and is inspired by the human endurance contests of 1920s and 1930s America where people would dance for days at a time to win prizes. As expected the show's Nike Hypervenom Phelon III 3 FG - Electric Green/Black/Hyper Orange Norwich audiences aren't asked to dance quite that long, But during the threeandahalfhour performance they do battle it out to be crowned the champions by dancing to an eclectic mix of music including numerous Michael Jackson to The Bee Gees to salsa.

As they go along they are taught new dance routines and entertained by the Bluemouth Inc team who are also joined by some local performers for Dance Marathon's five dates in Norwich. The show premiered in Toronto from the spot while the Norfolk and Norwich Festival's artistic director William Galinsky first saw it, And he has said it is one of his favourite shows of the past decades and that he is delighted it is part of the 2013 Norfolk and Norwich Festival. Formerly Dance Marathon has been performed in Vancouver, Nike Hypervenom Phelon 3 Eire, Edinburgh, And the Barbican working london. Dance Marathon is also developing at Epic Studios, In Magdalen lane, Norwich, Through 7.30pm at some point, Another day, Tuesday and wed. The show lasts about 210 minutes consisting of breaks. Violations cost 15.